Symphony joins Beyond Tech Digital Advantage
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Symphony brings leading-edge digital expertise to the first Beyond Tech Digital Advantage event in Denmark

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March 9th, 2021

We are proud to announce that Symphony will be joining Beyond Tech Digital Advantage, a virtual event hosted by Management Events, as an official solution provider partner.

On March 18, 2021, business leaders and stakeholders within the digital, IT, and data departments of the largest companies in Denmark will gather to discuss how new technologies are shaping the business landscape and how companies can utilize data to craft a successful digital strategy.

Symphony has worked with global enterprises and start-ups to bring over 100 digital products to life through world-class software design and development. We've built enduring partnerships with Fortune 5 companies, tech giants, and disruptors across major industries - and we are bringing this experience to Beyond Tech Digital Advantage to offer strategic partnerships and real business value to the delegates at the event.

Our very own Sebastian Gardan, Managing Director of Symphony in Denmark, will connect with like-minded professionals who drive digital innovation in their respective fields to exchange experiences and outline the direction of digital.

With 15+ years of experience leading client engagements through IT consultancy and a background as a Software Engineer and Product Owner, Sebastian engages as a technical and strategic advisor on behalf of Symphony to understand business challenges, propose digital solutions, and ensure successful implementation.

Some of the notable speakers include Fredrik Γ–stbye, Group Vice President at Grundfos; Peter Cabello Holmberg, SVP CIO at Pandora; and Yngvar Ugland, Executive Vice President at DNB. The discussions will revolve around a wide variety of topics, including digital strategy, emerging technologies, e-commerce, sustainability, innovation, and digital transformation.

Learn more about the Beyond Tech Digital Advantage event and stay tuned for the latest updates from the conference regarding the future of digital.