Hi everyone and welcome back to our community!

As always, we were quite busy with our internal projects and activities. The good thing is that we have a lot of information to share with you.


San Francisco Takeover

Hi everyone!

Long time no see.  Since our last check in a lot of things have happened here at Symphony.


For starters, we have three new team members: Martina, Nermin and Sergei.

#InsideSymphony - Updates from Our Community #2

Welcome to the first of many updates we will publish about the Symphony community. This is our way of offering you a unique insight into our initiatives, provide important information and describe some of the fun things we enjoy doing.

#InsideSymphony - Updates from Our Community #1

During the month of March Symphony was a proud host of more than 30 MBA students from Yale School of Management. Yale students were our guests for three days during which we got an opportunity to spend some quality time and bond over multiple activities we did together.

Yale School of Management
Our current technological playground includes more than 15 technologies currently popular in Silicon Valley and it changes in sync with progress in the tech world. Symphony is now looking for bright minds, to join our community as a Software Developer in Sarajevo or Belgrade!
Our ODG team went to San Francisco where they joined the Osterhout Design Group's preparations for their very successful CES 2017 promotion! Our Software Engineers Almina and Mirha shared their experiences with us.
Symphony is not just our name but a reflection of a whole spectrum of specifics that combined compose our DNA and the culture of our company. We are Symphony and this means that we are a community, a tech-house, a group of work-smart professionals, but we are also friends in a specific shared culture.
The specific thing about Symphony is the model of communication with the clients that was developed through the years of experience.
The days of silent working mode are quite rare and almost impossible at Symphony now, especially when you consider all of the community activities we have. For starters, we eat together each day! Nevertheless, the previous month was extraordinarily busy at Symphony.
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