Say hello to Amer, one half of the Amer/Adnan QA combination, proud father and great husband! Amer has this amazing blend of professionalism and friendliness that makes him an excellent colleague, team player, and employee.


There are certain people in your life that can inspire you every single time you see them, and we all probably know at least one person who is like that.


We are moving forward with our weekly community spotlight, and this time you'll have a chance to meet Haris. Haris is truly one-of-a-kind people you can ever meet and his witty humor can brighten your day, no matter what.


1. Share three things about yourself. Ready, set, go!

Enjoying the company of people, very sociable person.

Adventurist & explorer, always down to try new stuff.


We are moving on with our community spotlight initiative. In this episode of the Seven Questions With… we had an opportunity to sit down and chat with Mirha, a software engineer working at our Symphony Sarajevo office for more than a year.

The days of silent working mode are quite rare and almost impossible at Symphony now, especially when you consider all of the community activities we have. For starters, we eat together each day! Nevertheless, the previous month was extraordinarily busy at Symphony.
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