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Dress Up a Symphony Team!

Author: Symphony Date: Thu, 01/05/2017 - 15:06

Symphony is not just our name but a reflection of a whole spectrum of specifics that combined compose our DNA and the culture of our company. We are Symphony and this means that we are a community, a tech-house, a group of work-smart professionals, but we are also friends in a specific shared culture. We are an awesome team of people and professionals who see no limits or borders: neither when it comes to geography nor in the acquisition of knowledge, accepting diversity or overcoming challenges – at both the personal and professional level.

We value our name and this is why we will not attribute it to anything less than it merits. We want to go beyond merely presenting Symphony through our logotype and so we have decided to establish a unique fashion line entangled with our DNA. Our DNA is the core of our brand and not just a product of our company. Rather it is a product of the values brought to our company by our people, because we are Symphony outside our office as well. Precisely because the Symphony values are collective and cross-cultural and thus have the same weight anywhere in the world, we envisage a fashion line that will outgrow the style of typical branded corporate clothes.

We want clothes that can be attractive to anyone who shares our values, clothes that can be worn both inside and outside of the office and office related activities.

So, if you think you have the creativity to deliver a visual identity for Symphony clothes then send us a design package:

•        Symphony fashion line T-shirt
•        Symphony fashion line hoodie
•        Symphony fashion line jacket
•        Symphony fashion line socks
•        Symphony fashion line caps
•        Symphony smartphone/tablet case

We are also looking for a design for an eco and animal friendly bag:

•    Original Symphony laptop bag design

Dress Up a Symphony Team!


Design students and freelance designers from Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina will have an advantage in the selection process.
All interested parties should send a letter of intent to creative@symphony.is in order to receive a Symphony identity package.

For all additional information about the company, its employees and culture visit our website www.symphony.is or find us on our social media channels: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.

Deadline for delivery
Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Budget for the design offers
Clothing line: € 500
Laptop bag design: € 300

Symphony employees will evaluate the received designs and the selected entries will be chosen through a system of voting.

All rights of ownership for the selected designs will belong exclusively to Symphony. Symphony will only assume the rights to the selected designs and none of the other designs received will be used for any commercial or non-commercial purposes.

The selected designer will receive a short-term contract in order to finalize the design. The contract will outline the designer’s entitlements in relation to rights of ownership over the design.


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