Symphony Intermission No. 11

Author: Symphony Date: Tue, 11/29/2016 - 14:20

The days of silent working mode are quite rare and almost impossible at Symphony now, especially when you consider all of the community activities we have. For starters, we eat together each day! Nevertheless, the previous month was extraordinarily busy at Symphony. We were both hosts and guests to numerous people at various places and different types of occasion.

We were guest speakers and participants at the business innovation forum Sarajevo UNLIMITED 2016,  as one of the most innovative companies in the region through our Belgrade and Sarajevo hubs. Among the speakers were representatives from IBM, UNIQA Insurance Group and Phillip Morris International. Alfred Tolle (Wisdom Together, ex Google), Keith Bradley (Intrinsyc Consulting LLC) and Haris Memic (Symphony CEO) also took part in a discussion about the possibilities for improving the regional IT market and hence the economies in the region.

Haris Memic, Symphony CEO at Sarajevo UNLIMITED 2016 conference

We were also present at the EESTEC’s job fair for technology students where we presented ourselves through the concept “Release your inner geek, join the Symphony side!” Our presentation was very successful and interest in our company and possible internship at Symphony was huge among the future software developers. Since we are so much into education and continuous skills development we decided to give these young would be engineers the opportunity to prepare their graduation papers within the Symphony Master Mentorship Program.  

The program offers support in the form of one of our senior engineers most proficient in the particular area of interest of a student during the development of his or her graduation paper. We love to work with young professionals at the beginning of their career paths, because these students emanate individuality are unique, curious, proactive and innovative in their work.

This is why, especially for this job fair, we developed a Symphony Snakode Challenge with mentorship awards. Our young and brilliant colleague Ishak developed a special version of the Symphony Snake game for the Challenge Quest. The task we set the students was to make improvements and changes to the game’s code and the existing simple version of the game. This resulted in two winners who later became our guests. The doors of the Symphony Mentorship Program will stay open from them until September 2018.

Symphony at Job Fair 2016

We also like to award ourselves from time to time and so in November we provided ourselves with the best possible gift in the form of six new cool people who joined the Symphony team!

We also hosted more than 40 great young people at our offices. They were mostly IT students but we also welcomed students of psychology! Somehow, our human resources management system at Symphony has become recognized as a valuable resource for gaining practical knowledge amongst young HR professionals. Consequently, we welcome a great deal of student groups to Symphony for our ‘coffee talks’ throughout the year.

In November eleven of our colleagues were on the move for various business and scientific reasons travelling from as far apart as Dubai and Amsterdam to Michigan and San Francisco.

We also share our acquired knowledge and skills collectively among our teams. This month we learned from our colleagues through sessions on Cross-platform Game Development by our colleague Zarko, from the ODG team, and a class based on teachings from the book ‘Effective Engineer’ by the Highfive engineer Benjamin. Our engineers were also guest lecturers at a few IT academies, teaching mostly about Android development. In order to avoid the dangers of “all work and no play” a group of our people travelled to a gaming conference Infogamer in Zagreb in Croatia!

In the upcoming weeks, we will be organizing a celebration for our tenth anniversary. As a present to ourselves, we were joined by 7 new people at our hubs!

Symphony Belgrade - afterwork party

We will celebrate our tenth birthday within the close circle of our Symphony family, but also with those who are in need. Actually, the plan is to celebrate our anniversary through corporate social responsibility activities. However, we will talk more about this decision and its implications for our culture in one of our upcoming business related articles.

For now, we are moving forward!

We wish you inspiring winter days.


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