Pioneering Personalized Medicine

Streamlined research and collaboration processes for a healthcare and genomics innovator, accelerating scientific development

The Story

The client focuses on providing a software platform and ecosystem to decode the programming of the human genome to drive personalized medicine. They leveraged big data analytics and proprietary epigenomics technology for a 1,000x improvement over existing technologies to impact drug development and clinical applications. Their system tracks project activities and individual samples as they go through a proprietary ATAC-seq protocol and analytics engine.

The resulting data from the analytics engine can be downloaded or visualized and applied for further studies,development, and clinical applications. The client’s story starts in a lab and ends with a commercial product. When the team approached us, they had just received a round of funding for their vision to decode the programming of the human genome.

About the Project

Our experience in big data and software development was the missing piece to make their early product a reality and we became an integral part of their outstanding team of scientists, business people, and engineers. We continue to work intensely with their product team daily.

Product Design

The data that the client gathers from team member responses are built into a beautiful interface that’s clear to understand and take action on. Trends and common requests can be utilized to make valuable changes to the way an organization interacts with its team members.

“In earlier versions of our software, our clients liked us. However, when we showed them the new design and the new features we created with Symphony, they began to love us. It’s made all the difference in sales and customer meetings.”

Michael Scott, CEO

The Outcome

  • $200 Million

    Raised by TCV Capital

  • 60k

    Customers in just

    New York City

  • 2X

    Enhanced customer service