Community Appreciation Health and Care Packages

Community Appreciation Health and Care Packages

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December 1st, 2020

With the arrival of the last month of the year, we also celebrate the tenth month since we started working from home. That also means that we spent almost 43,200 minutes apart!

In addition to all the challenges that the previous period brought with it, we are proud to say that the ties we had before only strengthened during these ten months. We progressed together, welcomed many new team members together, and took care of each other.

Emphasizing the importance of mental and physical health care all the time is a crucial topic among members of the Symphony community. Any message saying "How are you?" or "Do you need anything?" made us know we were not alone. With the arrival of winter and the flu season, the need to strengthen our health, followed by the COVID-19 pandemic, increased.

On the eve of December, we made sure to deliver these fantastic healthy packages to each community member (of course, while maintaining social distancing). The body must follow the mind's strength in all the extraordinary efforts we put into our everyday work and accomplishments, which is why each of our health packages included vitamins to help boost the immune system. Also, as it is necessary to have something warm with you in winter, the package included a bandana.

We believe that improving and enriching our daily routine is all about the little things and that true happiness is sharing joy with others. As a reminder of how important it is to stay close to dear people, we also sent a jar of homemade honey, a selection of organic teas, a spice-kit, and nuts. That's a great excuse to snuggle under a blanket with dear people over tea with honey.

The members of the Symphony community were thrilled. The comments below are proof of how much it means to everyone to have someone who cares and values ​​every second given to shared goals and successes over the past 43,200 minutes.

“The expression ‘people centricity’ has always made much more sense to me than ‘employee centricity.’ That one word actually makes the biggest difference. Pandemic has reminded us of how important our closest people are to us—our family, friends, colleagues, and most often, those who get to be in more than one of these categories. This is why I’m always grateful and proud when I see how we take care of our people.” ( A.Z., Niš)

“Great job! A true festival of scents and tastes! (D.S., Skopje)

“Thank you so much for your effort, all the details, and love!” (I.G., Sarajevo)

“You are fantastic, Symphony! I feel like you are very close to me. You know how neighbors always think of each other and give gifts to each other?. Something like that!” (V.V., Novi Sad) 

Thanks, folks, this is the best gift ever! (B.S., Belgrade)

Remember — Sharing joy with another person, making a stranger or a friend smile, giving a compliment, praising someone for a job well done — are just some of the ways to make someone's day a little bit better. 

Stay healthy, safe, and close to your loved ones!

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