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From Muamer Cisija, Symphony Co-Founder, GSB '13 alumnus, and Forbes Technology Council member

The lessons I learned and the relationships I built at Stanford Graduate School of Business helped me turn Symphony into the successful company it is today. If you're a fellow GSB graduate and entrepreneur, let's connect on LinkedIn.


About Symphony

Our startups have raised$12.5B+
flagOver 650+ full-time employees
rocketBuilt 200+ products
starWorking with 8 of Fortune's Most Admired Brands of 2022
awardWorking with 2 of the 3 largest tech companies
tie3 years without an unplanned client disengagement
handshake< 10% attrition rate
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We create a culture of partnership

Symphony has been deeply rooted in the Stanford ecosystem. We have worked with 20+ GSB founders and we actively continue to build our GSB network of references.

  • symphony-wharton-christopher coleman
    Chris Coleman, GSB '13Co-Founder and Head of Product for WithClutch, previously Director of Product at Carvana
  • symphony-wharton-Andrew Lockhart
    Andrew Lockhart, GSB'12Co-Founder and CEO at Fathom
  • symphony-wharton-fergus-chan
    Fergus Chan, GSB '13Co-Founder and CEO at Epinomics
  • symphony-wharton-allison pickens
    Allison Pickens, GSB'13Founder and General Partner at the New Normal Fund
  • symphony-wharton-ned tozun
    symphony-wharton-sam goldman
    Ned Tozun and Sam Goldman, GSB '07Founders at d.light
  • symphony-wharton-ray bradford
    Ray Bradford, GSB '09Founder and CEO at Spruce Health
  • symphony-wharton-Zach Scheel
    symphony-stanford-Drew DeWalt
    Zach Scheel and Drew DeWalt, GSB '12Founders at Rhumbix
  • symphony-wharton-bill-banta
    Bill Banta, GSB '13President at DECKED, previously at Amazon
  • symphony-stanford-Dharuv Boduapoli
    Dhruv Boddapali, GSB '14Founder at HumanDX and VP at Cedar
  • symphony-wharton-eric-leroux
    Eric Leroux, GSB '13Co-Founder at Curbside Health
  • symphony-stanford-rameez ansari
    Rameez Ansari, GSB '13Co-Founder at AutoLeap, previously Co-CEO at FieldEdge
  • symphony-stanford-matt dalio
    Matt Dalio, GSB '12Founder at Endless
  • symphony-stanford-Gaetano Crupi
    Gaetano Crupi, GSB '13Partner at Prime Movers Lab
  • symphony-stanford-erin palm
    Erin Palm, GSB '10Founder and CEO at The Physician Company
  • symphony-stanford-shalva kashmadze
    Shalva Kashmadze, GSB '13Senior Product Manager at Chime
  • symphony-stanford-alex gelman
    Alex Gelman, GSB '13Founder at Heritage Point Partners
  • symphony-stanford-matt bulloch
    Matt Bulloch, GSB '13Founder at TentCraft
  • symphony-stanford-monica porter
    Monifa Porter, GSB '04SVP and Head of 2401 at Mach49
  • symphony-stanford-dan tram
    Dan Tram, GSB '18Founder of a stealth startup
  • symphony-stanford-Lasse-Mathias Nyberg
    Lasse-Mathias Nyberg, GSB '23Founder of a stealth startup

Who we partnered with in the GSB ecosystem


Get 15% off the first three months


From Katharina Pfaffhauser, Chief Business Officer at Symphony, GSB '12 alumnus, and ex-McKinsey

Stanford Graduate School has truly launched my international career which has now spanned 5 continents. I love how technology bridges culture and has the ability to significantly impact scale, reach and speed. If you're a fellow Business School graduate and entrepreneur, let's connect on LinkedIn.


Your partner in growth

We work with global enterprises and fast-growing startups to bring digital products to life. From proof of concept to complete digital transformation, Symphony has the expertise you need. Our team has built 200+ successful products serving hundreds of millions of users.

We build digital products

  • Conceptualization and prototyping
  • Product and solution design
  • PoC and MVP development
  • Agile software development
  • Software deployment and maintenance
  • Custom enterprise projects

We grow exceptional teams

  • Web and mobile development
  • Data Science & Machine Learning
  • UI/UX design
  • Product management
  • DevOps
  • Software testing and QA automation

We provide strategic consulting

  • Technical Due Diligence
  • Incubation labs
  • Digital Strategy
  • Digital transformation
  • Cloud adoption

From Ben Cao, VP, Head of PE and VC at Symphony, GSB '17 alumnus, an experienced technology leader

My experience from the Stanford Graduate School of Business helped to guide my journey as a technology leader. I am excited to work with fellow GSBers and entrepreneurs to scale their business through leveraging technology. Let's connect on LinkedIn.


Your competitive advantage with Symphony

Resourcing flexibility

Upscale and downscale as project needs evolve

Specialized expertise

Unique talent and experience to match your specific techstack and needs

Client capability building

We can help recruit, onboard, and coach your in-house team

Track record of success

We've successfully launched 200+ digital products and facilitated 4 digital transformations across different industries

Latest technologies

Expertise on the leading programming languages and frameworks, cloud platforms, CI/CD, data science, and QA

Silicon Valley experience

We've helped 2 of the top 3 largest Silicon Valley tech companies build new products

Success stories

Let's build together


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