Karate Combat enlists Symphony to develop the industry’s first DAO Application for fans and athlete

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June 12th, 2023

Symphony, the leading global software design and development organization, has partnered with Karate Combat, a live-action, full-contact martial arts sports league, to develop the league’s first decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) application.

Deeply integrated within the technology and startup ecosystem, Symphony builds enduring partnerships by bringing strategic product and engineering expertise to the forefront, ultimately reducing development time, lowering investment risk and facilitating access to funding. Karate Combat is the first martial arts sports league structured with a DAO. In partnership, Symphony was contracted to serve as the Developer Support Vendor to help develop the first DAO app that empowers Karate Combat’s community of more than 4.5 million fans by facilitating the ability to control decisions in a real-world pro-sports league. From the app, fans and fighters can now govern the Karate Combat league, vote on upcoming fighter matchups, and earn more $KARATE with Up Only Gaming.

“The DAO construct puts fans at the center of the sports action as real participants, which is a completely new concept in sports entertainment, and therefore it was essential to design and build an app that is strategically sound,” said Robert Bryan, Founder of Karate Combat. “Continuing our momentum from raising our $18 million SAFT funding round, we are thrilled to work with the Symphony team on this project. From the beginning, the Symphony team had a clear understanding of our vision, and worked efficiently to deliver a superior experience for our fans.”

Symphony has designed and built over 200 different products on behalf of partners and is an industry leader in developing market-leading digital experiences for consumers. With its emphasis on collaboration, the company is uniquely positioned to integrate and accelerate a client’s existing delivery team, and swiftly define and develop solutions based on the client’s vision. With this approach, Symphony helped KC define the vision, build and launch the MVP, develop the roadmap, and launch the website and mobile applications.

“As Karate Combat’s technology and engineering partner in this endeavor, we are thrilled with the enthusiasm from both teams to create a first-of-its-kind DAO offering for users to engage deeply within the community,” said Muamer Cisija, co-founder and President of Symphony. “At Symphony, our goal is to leverage our dedicated and distributed team to enable tech companies to unlock creative software solutions that drive bottom line business growth. Karate Combat is championing new approaches to sports entertainment and we look forward to our continued partnership.”

The Karate Combat app is available for download via iOS devices and will be available via Android in the future. Players can also access via the web.

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