Symphony partners with companies in the industrial sector

To drive value at every stage of digital maturity

Symphony works with companies in the industrial sector to adopt automation and improve operations, while also implementing cutting-edge technologies such as GenAI and AI/ML into digital products. Our teams empower companies across various sectors, including automotive, materials and mining, transportation and logistics, manufacturing, energy, and utilities to outperform traditional models and strategically create value in the evolving industrial landscape.

What we offer

Understanding needs in the industrial sector

We see four key needs and challenges of the industrial domain. Streamlining supply chain operations is critical for better market responsiveness. Optimizing routes is essential to cut costs, reduce the carbon footprint, and improve delivery times. Improving demand forecasting is vital for efficient inventory management, reducing waste, and ensuring production aligns with industry needs. Lastly, automating processes is crucial for enhancing productivity, safety, and eliminating human errors.


Our impact in the industrial sector






Years of industry experience



Products built




Average decrease in operational costs

Collaborated with 2 auto OEMs and 15 warehousing firms

Collaborated with 7 manufacturers, 4 construction companies, and 3 energy providers
Hands green

How we partner with industrial companies depending on their digital maturity


Low digital maturity

  • Digitizing manual processes (workflow optimization, pen and paper processes digitalization, etc.)
  • Improving user experience through digitization

Medium digital maturity

  • Leveraging data analytics to build custom apps
  • Improving operations (route optimization, workforce scheduling, predictive maintenance, etc.)
  • Financial services (FP&A forecasting, etc.)
  • Data lakes (data lake creation and ingestion to build better reporting capabilities)
  • Back-office optimization (intelligent billing and invoicing, etc.)

Higher digital maturity

  • Utilizing AI/Machine learning
  • Accelerating processes with custom AI tools
  • Increasing efficiency, automation, and prediction through ML models
  • Go-to-market strategy (real-time or dynamic pricing, lead generation, customer copilots, etc.)

Quick overview of some of our results industrial services

Automotive industry


Increased yearly auto sales by 100K units

For the largest US online auto retailer, advanced inventory listings with multi-source vehicle data, increasing conversion through more engaging shopping experiences


Decreased time-to-market by 60% with the new EV battery analytics dashboard

For a company specialized in developing data platforms for zero-carbon mobility, deployed a MLOps infrastructure central to the predictive analytics dashboard for EV battery life cycles


Implemented a system that resulted in a 70% increase in operational precision

For a car rental company, implemented dynamic pricing logic for “what-if” analysis for changes in pricing and inventory, impacting revenue and fleet utilization based on different customer types

Materials and mining


Built a digital transformation solution with 60% decrease in cloud-infrastructure costs

For a global heavy industrial leader, developed web and mobile apps automating workflows and allowing CSV importing, resulting in improved efficiency, seamless onboarding from the legacy system, and increased user base and revenue


Developed a data-backed demand forecasting engine resulting in 15M EUR of ROI in the first year

For a leading European forestry corporation, developed a web-based tool to replace the manual work of managing tree-sapling production by utilizing historical data and providing recommendations on the number of saplings that should be produced for each tree type in various regions

1 month

Ensured 10% adoption rate of the new app on a single market in 1 month time

For a major agriculture chemicals distributor, reduced friction and improved business efficiency with a suite of digital apps, ​creating the first digital app to increase wholesalers' satisfaction by enabling easy order submission and product availability viewing

Transportation and logistics


Developed an ML-powered app with 55K+ loads booked on the app

For a virtual trucking carrier network providing load and route recommendations, developed a data analytics solution with features such as messaging, maps and routing, payments, and document management


Automated imagery extraction and optimized drone flight system with 70% more efficiency

For a leading aerial imagery and GIS provider, built custom ML models that automate image extraction and create digital roof reproduction for review, leveraging AI to identify hail, wind, and other types of damages


Delivered a solution offering insights and access to over 1B data points

For an agricultural supply chain tech company, developed an AI-powered application leveraging climate data to forecast agricultural yield issues, empowering customers to mitigate disruptions and speeding up time to market


Developed a platform for automating construction processes with 300% increase in per-project profitability

For a construction management software vendor, built a platform to modernize the operational efficiency of the construction craft workforce, eliminating paper-based workflows and streamlining manual document management processes



Automated assembly line leading to 70% production cost reduction

For an industrial solutions provider, built a solution that accurately simulates the assembly line and automates electronic device manufacturing processes by utilizing AI and ML models

50 sites

Digitized and automated processes in more than 50 sites in US, EMEA, and APAC

For a leading industrial coating solutions provider, automated machine operating processes, improved machine management, increasing efficiency and precision of operations

Energy and utilities


Developed a solution pre-empting yearly losses up to $100B caused by power outages in the U.S.

For a global power equipment vendor and service provider, developed a vegetation monitoring and risk management offering, reducing service interruptions along power line corridors


Delivered solar power to more than 100M households

For a global solar energy provider, scaled the product from $1-lanterns to a sophisticated system with 1M paying customers, providing people in 70 countries with access to affordable solar energy


Developed a solution transforming energy supply in Sydney with 32% of yearly power consumption

For a company with a focus on low-carbon and renewable energy, developed a platform that offers an alternative infrastructure to the traditional and presently utilized carbon offset metrics tied to electricity generation from various power sources

We create a culture of partnership

Words from our partners

The future of impactful technology work will be driven by dedicated, distributed teams. You don't need a big in-house team to do great work, but you do need a deep partnership you can count on.

About Symphony

Over 650+ full-time employees
Built 200+ products
Working with 8 of Fortune’s Most Admired Brands of 2022
Working with 2 of the 3 largest tech companies
3 years without an unplanned client disengagement
< 10% attrition rate

Symphony partners with industrial firms to unlock new sources of value, build new products, and deliver innovation

Opportunity identification
2-4 weeks
  • Design Thinking workshops and technical concepts
  • Quantitive and qualitative analyses
  • Primary and secondary research
  • Ideation and product strategy definition
Product discovery
2-4 weeks
  • Discovery sprint
  • Wireframes and product prototypes
  • Solution architecture design
  • Initial product roadmap & high-level system capabilities
  • User interface research and testing
  • Time and cost estimation
Development and delivery
3-4 months for first MVP
  • Custom product development
  • Integration with third-party systems
  • High-fidelity designs
  • Continuous product discovery, research and validation
  • Refactoring and migration
  • Quality assurance, usability testing and user feedback
  • Infrastructure setup and maintenance
Commercialization and growth
TBC based on complexity
  • Data collection and analytics
  • Product growth strategy
  • Primary and secondary research
  • Continuous validation

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