Legacy modernization for a US heavy industry leader

Symphony transformed a global heavy industry giant through legacy modernization, diversifying its offer and kicking off digital transformation to maintain its leading position

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The client is one of the heavy industry leaders in North America with multi-billion revenue and a workforce exceeding thousands, distributed across three continents and over 30 hubs that needed to diversify their offer and start a digital transformation. They approached Symphony, looking for a software design and development partner to test the assumptions about the viability of a new, fully digital product. Digitalization benefits are apparent, though it remains difficult for companies to decide which digital technologies are most relevant to their needs. Symphony translated the high-level concepts and client’s business goals into a transformation strategy that led to a web-based and desktop application used to automate and optimize workflows and reporting based on the company's needs and government legislation. Since then, Symphony has been the client’s #1 preferred tech vendor for digital transformation journey. 


Our main objective was to diversify the client’s offer and kick off digital transformation to maintain their leading position in the world’s largest market.


of the market digitized


reduction in the cloud infrastructure costs

What we did 

Symphony developed an end-to-end solution to automate and modernize legacy workflows and reporting in line with the company's needs and government legislation. Once both the business and technical viability were proven, Symphony refactored the application from a monolithic architecture to microservices. This allowed seamless integration with minimal disruption of new feature development and integrated existing domain-specific solutions into the system, allowing future scaling and improvements. We integrated solutions based on existing legacy desktop applications, making them available as part of a new cloud-based digital platform. Our team developed an integration interface, allowing users to easily migrate the data they have on their legacy applications into the system. Symphony also consolidated multiple individual applications into a single digital platform, allowing users to streamline their workflows, keeping all of their data, tooling, and reporting in one place.

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