Efficient practice management system solution for a veterinary group

Symphony developed a practice management system for a private equity-backed veterinary group, integrating multi-source reporting and analytics to provide data-driven, real-time insights



The client, a veterinary practice management group backed by private equity and overseeing over 120 hospitals and clinics, struggled with legacy systems, manual processes, and operational inefficiencies. These challenges resulted in delays and inefficient data processing due to different formats and databases. This impacted the company and its dedicated animal health professionals, leading to issues such as low pay, compassion fatigue, burnout, lack of recognition, and limited opportunities for advancement.

Recognizing the need for a digital solution, the client approached Symphony to address these challenges and optimize its workflows. Symphony built a practice management system that not only streamlined operations but also empowered animal health professionals with data-driven, real-time insights.


Our primary objectives were to integrate and unify disparate systems and establish a framework for Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) defining and monitoring.


Director of Innovation

Veterinary practice management group

"Our objective was to build a platform to serve as the primary application that our local managers use every day to help them operate world-class veterinary hospitals. We dealt with different legacy systems and had to integrate across the various infrastructures used in our hospitals and clinics. We encountered multiple problems – the connection between each system, manual workarounds, and slow data processing, which we needed to solve. We were looking for a partner who would help us understand our team members’ needs and solve our challenges with a clear roadmap and without bloated scope. Symphony managed to successfully overcome these challenges with a platform that has become one of our largest and most successful projects to date. Their impact was not limited to building a digital solution, they also played a key role in understanding the end user to help the adoption of the solution across all clinics. The efficiency and engagement of our team members have greatly improved, ultimately resulting in a substantial ROI. Symphony’s contribution didn’t just stop at project delivery; it went beyond and led to a differentiated product unique within the industry that has surpassed the expectations of our employees and investors."


reduction of missed deadlines


increase in savings

What we did 

Initially, we engaged in design thinking research across a network of over 120 veterinary clinics to understand operational challenges and opportunities. This research highlighted several key areas for value creation, including optimized pricing, scheduling, and financial monitoring. Based on these insights, we defined operational needs and developed a detailed roadmap.

The core of our engagement was the development of a clinic management platform compatible with both web and mobile interfaces. The platform was designed to integrate seven third-party solutions, effectively consolidating various operational tools. 

We rolled up all systems into one unified platform, leading to significant operational improvements in several areas. It enhanced labor management and scheduling optimization, reducing overhead and increasing clinic productivity. By automating previously manual data handling processes, the platform minimized errors and saved time. It also offered real-time reporting features, allowing for more informed decision-making. Additionally, the platform improved financial monitoring, enabling better tracking of productivity and more effective pricing strategies. Overall, the solution not only streamlined day-to-day operations but also set a solid foundation for future growth. 

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