B2C multi-vendor marketplace for a pharmaceutical products retailer

Symphony developed a multi-vendor marketplace that allowed third-party vendors to sell products through the client’s platform

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The client, a pharmaceutical marketplace, provides over-the-counter drugs, beauty, and personal care products online to almost 9M active customers. However, the company’s monolith platform was showing its age and beginning to hinder development and limit scalability, so they decided to build a new services-based architecture. At the same time, the client decided to diversify their sales portfolio and introduce a new commission-based revenue model by launching a new marketplace that would enable third-party sellers to offer their products. 


Our main objective was to transform the client webshop into a B2C, multi-vendor marketplace while also developing a separate business logic with new processing, shipping, and payment rules.


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What we did

Symphony collaborated with the client's in-house teams, enhancing the webshop and marketplace on a unified codebase. While maintaining consistency in the code, a separate business logic was developed for the marketplace, addressing unique scenarios like multi-vendor orders and simultaneous purchases from the webshop and marketplace. We facilitated the inclusion of third-party sellers and offers within the shop environment, ensuring a cohesive shopping experience. We also addressed critical post-sales processes, encompassing return and refund workflows, commission calculations, and facilitating communication between customers and sellers for inquiries or complaints. Additionally, our team integrated a platform to support the marketplace in sharing products across various third-party shopping services.

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