A community hub for a leading pickup truck accessories retailer

Symphony built a wiki-style community hub for a private equity-backed  e-commerce retailer of pickup truck accessories to help them drive customer engagement and increase sales

symphony-case-studies-leading e-commerce retailer of pickup truck accessories


The client, an e-commerce retailer of pickup truck accessories backed by private equity,  set out to offer engaging experiences to existing and potential consumers by utilizing the automotive e-commerce space. The client’s goal was to create a platform that eliminates the unease associated with initial purchases by showcasing how their accessories are utilized in real-life scenarios by actual individuals. Each post was created to include details about the specific products they used, with a direct link guiding users to the respective product page, where they can review, place orders, and more.

The client reached out to Symphony to help with their go-to-market strategy with roadmap acceleration and agile expertise to speed up the development of the new ecosystem.


Our primary goal was to assist our client in their go-to-market strategy with a roadmap acceleration. 


dealers using the solution


increase in customer conversion

What we did 

In the first phase, we developed the backend solution of the wiki-style community hub, and we developed the necessary APIs to successfully connect the frontend and backend.

The solution allowed buyers, influencers, and end-users to share their pickup truck custom builds with the rest of the community, with comprehensive information on every product. By providing customers with the DIY community platform, Symphony helped the company drive omnichannel top-of-funnel customer engagement leveraging user-generated content, improving brand and consumer confidence, increasing conversion rates, and driving sales.

In phase 2, our emphasis shifted towards capturing customers' physical locations customizing their experience within the e-commerce ecosystem. Additionally, we introduced relevant local installation services at the point of a product purchase, aiming to streamline the shopping experience and enhance overall customer satisfaction by eliminating potential hurdles.

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