Our Vision

Unlocking the full potential of humans + technology to inspire growth for our people, our clients, and our communities.

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Our Story

A letter from our founders:

When we started Symphony in 2007, we had a mission to build the workforce of the future - where neither borders, geography, nor citizenship stopped the best engineers globally from delivering world-class work that matters. We built thriving teams of engineers that empower entrepreneurs and executives worldwide to crack tough technology challenges and make their visions a reality.

We’ve evolved since those early days. Our full-time team has grown to over 500 incredibly talented technologists, and we went from working with start-ups in the Valley to also partnering with Fortune 5 category leaders globally. We expanded our tech stack and product capabilities. More importantly, as we’ve grown, we’ve kept our small-company spirit, and we’ve never lost our focus on people.


People build technology, and great teams build technology that really matters.

We build real, enduring partnerships that work within complex organisational structures for messy businesses, and we deliver real business value. We’re uncompromising on partnership and performance, and that means our teams push back when they have conviction and take accountability so we can experiment together and enjoy the ride.

The future of impactful technology work will come from deep partnerships and dedicated, distributed, end-to-end teams. We will continue working hard to be pioneers in this space so we can take on the most ambitious and impactful technology projects with kindness and curiosity.

We’re excited by the journey. Haris & Mux

Our clients are the leaders of today and the innovators of tomorrow

We’re working with 4 out of Fortune’s 10 most admired brands of 2020 as well as some of the most ambitious and creative founders in the world. We have collaborated with clients who were educated at MIT, Stanford and Harvard & trained at Facebook and Amazon.

Our venture-backed clients have collectively raised over $3 billion from investors including Sequoia, Andreessen Horowitz, Khosla Ventures, Founders Fund, and Google Ventures.

Our clients are the leaders of today and the innovators of tomorrow



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Meet our Leadership Team

People build technology, and great teams build technology that really matters.

  • Haris Memic
    Haris Memić
    Chief Executive Officer

    Co-founder of technology house Symphony; President of BIT Alliance; The Hague School

  • Muamer Cisija
    Muamer Cisija

    Co-founder of technology house Symphony; Morgan Stanley M&A; Stanford Business School

  • Katharina Schmitt
    Katharina Schmitt
    Chief Business Officer

    Experienced Silicon Valley operator and scaling expert; 6+ years in McKinsey; SVP and GM at Ampush; MBA from Stanford Business School

  • Simon Verzijl
    Simon Verzijl
    Chief Operating Officer

    9 years at Accenture; CEO of Unamic;

    EVP at Xerox, managing 47k global employees; CEO at SparkOptimus

    MSc Mechanical Engineering at TU Delft

  • Jeroen Rook
    Jeroen Rook
    Chief Digital Officer

    Digital innovation and transformation expert; Entrepreneur;

    15+ years at Accenture, MSc Business Information Technology and Telematics at University of Twente

  • Nesko Jancic
    Nesko Jancic
    Chief Revenue Officer

    Tech Entrepreneur; Investor and Advisor; 

    Managing Director at Mobiquity Inc.; Chief Executive Officer at Lone Rooftop

Our Values

Values = Everything

These are the principles that guide us.