Symphony partners with tech, media, and telecom companies

Driving innovation through high-tech solutions

With our expertise spanning next-generation technology solutions, we support organizations in unlocking new opportunities for growth and innovation. From established tech giants to innovative startups, our solutions are made to optimize operations, enhance customer experience and engagement, and unlock new ways for growth in the tech, media, and telecom ecosystem.

What we offer

Utilizing technology and data to drive innovation

With an understanding of the challenges and opportunities within this industry, Symphony offers a range of solutions, from utilizing high-tech to transforming content delivery, our services enable companies to stay ahead. By developing AI-driven platforms, implementing network optimizations, or leveraging big data analytics for targeted advertising, Symphony innovates and leads success in the tech, media, and telecom sector.


Our impact in the tech, media, and telecom sector






Years of industry experience



Products built



Average increase in customer satisfaction
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How we partner with tech, media, and telecom companies



  • Growth tech
  • Consumer tech: end-user devices
  • Consumer tech: apps and services
  • Applications


  • Publishing
  • Digital pure plays
  • Sports and gaming
  • Music and audio
  • Media in telco
  • Digital marketplaces


  • Network excellence
  • Demand-informed inventory management
  • Data-driven customer centricity
  • Next-generation B2B
  • Digitizing products and services, customer journeys, and processes

Quick overview of some of our results in tech, media, and telecom



Built an employee performance tracking app with 3x faster UX

For a multinational telecom company, created an employee performance tracking app that enabled the client to track the performance of over 110K employees around the world, reducing the turnover of high performers


Created a performance tool and videoconference app boosting customer satisfaction by 64%

For a next-gen video conference solutions provider, developed a platform leveraging cloud infrastructure, optimized network performance, and enhanced user experience with real-time data analysis and performance monitoring


Created a WiFi-enabled home monitoring platform with 95% detection success rate

For one of the largest telecommunications providers in Europe, created an app that uses WiFi signals to monitor and respond to physical activity in homes, with the client receiving an industry award for innovation based on the new product



Developed a wearable GPS tracking platform for child safety for over 100K users

For a wearable smart devices manufacturer, built a scalable ecosystem consisting of Android and iOS applications, customer-facing web portals, and customer support infrastructure, partnering with a major US mobile phone carrier


Developed an AI-driven 3D music streaming application decreasing annual per-user loss by 40%

For a next-gen audio software provider, built an application for sound enhancement, expanding the client's business offering to include sound equipment manufacturers, successfully shifting the project scope from B2C to B2B

≈ 75k

Built an IoT platform optimized for ≈ 75k devices

For a company specialized in developing coffee-making appliances and related accessories, built an IoT platform with integrated content management and marketing systems, with full product commercialization


Built a mobile application for a product generating 1M+ NFT sales in their first drop

For a global sports apparel brand, developed apps used to manage and control smart apparel, combining the digital and physical appearance using lighting animations and sync haptics and allowing the client to expand its collection for the Metaverse



Developed a global content management portal for 2M user devices

For an education technology and distribution organization, developed a portal enabling users to create, manage, and distribute multimedia content across 60+ countries, enhancing media accessibility and user engagement


Developed a communication platform used in 150+ locations

For a media solution provider, designed and deployed an integrated communication platform enabling voice, messaging, video, and media services across multiple locations, optimizing user experience and enhancing media content delivery


Built an Ethereum blockchain platform for 4.5M+ fans to control a pro-sports league

For a martial arts sports league, built web and mobile apps with novel governance and utility token mechanisms designed for sports fans to engage with the fighters, distribute winnings, etc.


Built a sales processes business intelligence tool with 4M+ messages sent annually

For a leading digital marketing agency, developed a business intelligence tool to track, analyze, and provide data-driven insights on email campaigns and sales activities, resulting in a faster platform with Copy Assist feature enhancements


Developed a content marketing platform for 150+ brands

For a Content as a Service marketing platform, developed a web portal facilitating connections between brands and content creators, enabling personalized campaigns across social media platforms, optimizing media distribution and user engagement


Built a video platform for 15M+ end users

For an advertising and entertainment company, developed a video platform with live streaming capabilities across various devices, billing, and account management functionalities, and tools for service usage tracking and content protection


Developed a user-friendly music mobile app with 100+ creators

For a music streaming platform, enhanced user experience with streaming and exploration of music on the client’s platform, incorporating feedback, mobile apps on the Web3 platform, and triggers to encourage user sign-ups for premium features


Developed a web platform and mobile apps for 20K+ fans

For a professional soccer team, built a fast and flexible web platform and engaging mobile apps to improve the fan experience, enabling fans to track news timely, purchase tickets, and support the club

About Symphony

Over 650+ full-time employees
Built 200+ products
Working with 8 of Fortune’s Most Admired Brands of 2022
Working with 2 of the 3 largest tech companies
3 years without an unplanned client disengagement
< 10% attrition rate

Symphony partners with tech, media and telecom companies to unlock value and deliver innovation

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Opportunity identification
2-4 weeks
  • Design Thinking workshops and technical concepts
  • Quantitive and qualitative analyses
  • Primary and secondary research
  • Ideation and product strategy definition
Product discovery
2-4 weeks
  • Discovery sprint
  • Wireframes and product prototypes
  • Solution architecture design
  • Initial product roadmap & high-level system capabilities
  • User interface research and testing
  • Time and cost estimation
Development and delivery
3-4 months for first MVP
  • Custom product development
  • Integration with third-party systems
  • High-fidelity designs
  • Continuous product discovery, research and validation
  • Refactoring and migration
  • Quality assurance, usability testing and user feedback
  • Infrastructure setup and maintenance
Commercialization and growth
TBC based on complexity
  • Data collection and analytics
  • Product growth strategy
  • Primary and secondary research
  • Continuous validation

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