Order management process and workflow optimization for an in-vehicle storage manufacturer

Symphony digitalized an order management process for a private equity-backed in-vehicle storage manufacturer, streamlining every aspect of the B2B customer workflow

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The client, a leading in-vehicle storage manufacturer backed by private equity, faced challenges with its manual B2B ordering process that hindered growth and increased operational costs. With a focus on custom-made storage systems for pick-up trucks and cargo vans, the company had grown to a multimillion-dollar business but struggled with bottlenecks in its ordering workflow. Understanding the necessity to face this challenge, the client reached out to Symphony to transform their order process management by transitioning from manual processing to an automated solution, streamlining every aspect of the B2B customer workflow.


The manual B2B ordering process involved 50+ human touches. The client needed a solution to optimize its order management process, reduce operational costs, and enhance organizational efficiency.


Bill Banta


"Over the past ten years, DECKED has experienced rapid growth, leaving us with significant technical debt and a lack of in-house software expertise. Partnering with Symphony, we explored various options to identify the highest ROI opportunity. We prioritized workflow automation and order flow systems to reduce the manual touches required to sustain our business growth. When we looked at the ROI and associated implementation costs, it became evident an automated solution for our B2B ordering workflow offered the highest ROI and proved the most scalable. As a physical product company, maintaining a deep bench of software experts isn’t practical, and the flexibility to scale up or down with Symphony to ensure we always have the correct set of skills has proven invaluable. Their nuanced understanding of our business challenges, from e-commerce and commercial sales to manufacturing, has helped us identify opportunities, prioritize projects, and allocate dollars to technology investments for the next few years."


B2B orders without any manual touch


human touches automated

What we did 

Symphony undertook a comprehensive approach to address the client’s pain points. We began by consolidating the ERPs under one system, laying the groundwork for a more streamlined workflow. Conducting discovery workshops with key stakeholders, including customer service, warehouse, finance, and sales, we gathered insights into the end-to-end order management workflow. Symphony presented the client with two options: a fully customized solution and a hybrid solution with off-the-shelf incorporations. Through a detailed analysis of B2B Portal and Order Management Platform product builds, we supported the client in conducting an ROI analysis, ultimately proceeding with the custom solution. 

The core of our engagement involved product delivery and continuous refinement, supporting the client, a non-digital company, in its transformative journey. 

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