Announcing Our New Company Core Values

Announcing Our New Company Core Values

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March 2nd, 2022

As a company, we continually invest time and resources into fostering multidimensional growth for our people, clients, and communities. On this journey, we are led by a set of shared Values that define who we are. These Values are the fundamental beliefs of the Symphony community. They guide our actions and behavior. They constitute how we work with each other, create meaningful value and partnerships with our clients, and engage with our communities.

The exponential growth of our company and people in the previous period inspired changes and improvements to the existing Values that emulate what we strive for and how we want to be recognized both internally and externally.

We > I

Collaboration is in our DNA. It guides our workspace design, the way we put together lean, flat teams, and how we think about the best talent. The toughest problems won’t be solved alone, so we take pride in working together. (It’s also why we always give back to our communities and each other.)

Long Term > Short Term

This isn’t about sprinting towards the end of a contract. This is about driving technology forward and building the foundation of long-term partnerships so we can do work that matters.  

Excellence = Growth

When the bar is set to world-class - every detail matters. We take pride in delivering our best work through dedication, drive, and thoughtfulness. We work hard so we can bring the big picture to life on time, every time.

Humans + Technology

Using the power of technology would not be possible without the endless potential of human intelligence. The incredible results we achieve are a joint product of outstanding talent, human intellectual property, and latest technology, all combined toward a common goal of creating meaningful value. 

Flexible > Fixed

We are lifelong learners. Our growth mindset means that we are always looking for ways to be better. We track things like happiness and motivation so we can adapt. We learn from working with each other, new teams, new technology or in new cities.

These five Values are key in shaping our professional and personal self. Guided by each one, we are able to play a critical role in building a better working world for our people, clients, and communities. We are looking forward to all future endeavors as we continue to live our Values while Passionately creating innovative digital experiences with meaningful value for all. 

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