Driving Impact for Our Clients and Communities Guided by the Humans + Technology Value

Driving Impact for Our Clients and Communities Guided by the Humans + Technology Value

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March 10th, 2022

Using the power of technology would not be possible without the endless potential of human intelligence. The incredible results we achieve are a joint product of outstanding talent, human intellectual property, and latest technology, all combined toward a common goal of creating meaningful value.

For us, the Humans + Technology Value represents the key guiding principle in our way of living and working with each other, our clients, and external communities. It is a delicate combination of choosing the best talent and the latest tools in tech that sparks the creation and delivery of tangible results and impact. Angela Trpkovska, a Software Engineer at the Skopje engineering hub with over six years of experience in the industry, peeled back the many layers of our Humans + Technology Value with us and shared her personal views on how we utilize it to bring meaningful value for all. 

Humans + Technology through the Engineering Perspective

“This core Value starts enfolding from the very selection process when joining Symphony. From Recruitment and HR to Management, our team in Skopje is dedicated to finding the best talent with both tech and people skills and has the potential to grow and evolve in our unique culture. The next step is combining the engineering teams with the latest technologies available to drive excellence and craft long-lasting solutions for our clients.” - Angela started. 

On this journey, the key factor for continual success and results is the never-ending investment and support for the growth and career development of Engineers. Angela joined Symphony as a Full-Stack Engineer in .NET/React and started working in React on her first project. Then she switched to Java and Spring Boot on a different project. Soon, she realized her preference was backend and shifted her focus on deepening her skill set in this domain. 

“At Symphony, Engineers are highly encouraged to choose the technology that enables them to reach their full potential and suits them best. It is vital to have the freedom and resources to choose your preferred lane and receive constant support on your career path. From the onset of my current project to the moment I became a Team Lead, the HR, Managers, and my mentor from the team always had my back and guided me through any obstacles. In addition, we are using the latest technologies on our project, which is an amazing opportunity to learn and grow in sync with the market requirements.” - Angela emphasized. 

At Symphony, we combine three factors crucial for delivering results - engineering excellence, product empathy, and strong processes. Utilizing these elements would not be possible without enforcing our Humans + Technology Value in our approach to creating solutions for clients. The selection process, onboarding, personal and professional development are all pillars on which engineering excellence is built and maintained, and our excellence facilitates the growth we aim for, for our company and clients alike. 

To deliver successful solutions, you have to start with a strong foundation and defined processes. The agile processes such as the daily stand-ups, retrospectives, planning and brainstorming sessions, and project code reviews allow us the structure we need to keep everyone in sync with the latest requirements. Finally, our people are completely invested in developing and implementing product empathy. When we receive new requirements, we work together on the value proposition and define the mechanisms we need to deliver the optimal solution that will fit the existing system while being in line with the clients’ requirements.  

Looking Ahead

Since day one of joining Symphony in Skopje, Angela has climbed the career ladder, and her aspirations have always been acknowledged and supported by the community. Being a Team Lead has given her endless possibilities to polish her technical expertise further while building communication and leadership skills. Now, her ambition is directed toward becoming a Software Architect, going deeper into the decision process on the system and architecture, and understanding the bigger picture better.

Combining all the elements that fall under the Humans + Technology Value - the technical growth and career development of our Engineers, the numerous sources of support, and building expertise in the latest technologies enable us to keep growing while creating solutions that impact our clients and external communities.

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