Epinomics - Symphony's walk up the DNA lane

Epinomics - Symphony's walk up the DNA lane

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November 28th, 2016

The specific thing about Symphony is the model of communication with the clients that was developed through the years of experience. Being available, committed, adaptable and proactive with a great individual responsibility and the ownership in the projects is somehow a main trait of Symphony’s people in relation to company’s clients. That is why most of company’s teams are represented also as the core teams in the clients’ “human” software development infrastructure.

This means that it is very common for our teams to travel and work on site with the clients.

Besides profoundly deepening the human relation between persons included in the working process, the value of trips like this is in a way improving synchronization within the teams of the scientific and professional aspect of the project for all the members included in the process.

Last week Ema Halilovic and Edin Merdan, two of Symphony’s engineers, visited our client ‘Epinomics’ in the Bay Area. Here’s Ema’s and Edin’s testimonial about the visit they made to Epinomics – a startup who uses proprietary epigenomics technology to decode the programming of human genome to drive personalized medicine.

"After a very long flight we finally arrived at Menlo Park at around midnight. We were too tired to think or feel any kind of excitement at that point, since we had been awake for almost 24 hours, but after few hours of sleep and a proper breakfast our adventure could begin.

The purpose of our trip was to spend a week with our client: the Epinomics team. Epinomics is a startup founded by some of the leading scientists in the fields of genetics, epigenetics and bioinformatics. The aim of the project is to build an end-to-end platform for processing DNA sequence data within the vision of driving personalized medicine and drug development.

Our collaboration with Epinomics began two years ago but after hours and hours spent on online meetings it was finally time to connect faces with names. They welcomed us as part of their team and made our stay extremely memorable. Seeing their everyday work and labs and having the opportunity to attend their meetings and sessions was highly motivating. It really made us feel their drive and enthusiasm and we took that feeling home with us.

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Menlo Park is located close to San Francisco and is the perfect location from which to explore the Bay Area. We spent some of our free hours wandering around San Francisco: we went to see the Golden Gate Bridge, the Ferry House, the AT&T stadium and we visited notorious Alcatraz.

Epinomics - Symphony's walk up the DNA lane 2

We also spent one day at the Stanford campus. It was so exciting to feel just a small part of the atmosphere and culture of one of the world's leading universities! The Epinomics team organized a team building session for us at the Houdini escape room where Google, Yahoo, Oracle, Facebook, Twitter and many other famous teams also have team building events.

The energy and spirit of the Bay Area are amazing. Once you feel them, they start to push you forward and make you want to learn more, feel more and be more.”

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