How the Excellence = Growth Value Inspires Us to Nourish Greatness in Every Aspect of Life and Work

How the Excellence = Growth Value Inspires Us to Nourish Greatness in Every Aspect of Life and Work

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March 24th, 2022

When the bar is set to world-class - every detail matters. We take pride in delivering our best work through dedication, drive, and thoughtfulness. We work hard so we can bring the big picture to life on time, every time.

To make the world a better place, people must have the vision and belief it can be a better place and view themselves as agents of growth - individuals who have the ability and the tools to positively contribute to the cause of progress. Led by this idea, we believe that excellence inevitably drives progress and growth. Sasa Todorovic, Managing Director at the Niš engineering hub, clarified the ways in which we emulate The Excellence = Growth Core Value at our hub in Niš.

The Building Blocks of Excellence

“It all started with one small team.” - Sasa began his story. - “From the very selection process, the Niš hub is focused on excellence, not just in the technical sense, but in other skills and personal traits people bring to the community. We were always adamant in finding top talent and creating a community of exquisite problem-solvers who are also very open to collaboration, sharing knowledge and ideas with each other.”

As the Niš hub grew, so did our people develop better mechanisms and skills of putting excellence into practice. One crucial segment to mention are the Internal Lunch and Learn sessions dedicated to one topic in tech or delivery, where the community comes together to discuss and share ideas. “These sessions paved the way for us to initiate the Internal tech communities as of this year. Our steady growth has allowed us to start forming QA, Frontend, and Backend communities and a Tech blog community to build excellence in a specific niche through knowledge-sharing, and help us craft optimal solutions for our clients.” - Sasa emphasized. The members of these micro-communities are left with full autonomy to organize sessions and projects, and evaluate who brings value in a specific field, while Symphony provides full support for every member to continue flourishing in that field.

We must not forget to mention the Individual development plans with clearly defined steps to support career growth in Symphony. “In Niš, the Technical Team Leads work closely with HR and myself to define the direction of each Software Engineer by introducing various processes, workshops, coaching and so on. In this way, we support multidimensional growth that benefits the individual, the company, and clients.” - he added.

What We Bring to the Local IT Market

As the youngest Symphony community, Niš nourished two traits from the very beginning - openness and versatility. The community found many occasions and mutual hobbies to bond over, from sharing technical knowledge and practices to getting a team together to hike, play sports, or share a beer. This collective spirit is also a moment where excellence is built, where each individual brings something unique and new to the whole community.

The Niš engineering hub is acknowledged in the regional IT community as an uplifting work environment backed with an extremely talented tech team, and all thanks to our people, their growth, and the positive stories they share. In Sasa’s words - “The IT market in the region has grown exponentially in the last three years, and Symphony introduced a new level of excellence through our inspiring people, tech expertise, innovation through the latest technologies and projects, and versatile opportunities for improvement. We have always been open for sharing all our experiences at our external events, meetups, and sessions where people have had the chance to see the level of quality we bring forth. In this sense, I am very pleased with our steady growth and impact we are making, and I am certain we can break even greater boundaries together in the future.”

Maintaining Excellence as We Grow in the Future

According to Sasa - “Each member of our community has an innate drive to be better in every aspect of life and work, and we cherish this growth mindset and culture as we continue to expand. It is important to mention how our clients share this visionary trait with us, and we work together to ideate and utilize our excellence to create world-class products and solutions. We rely on both internal and external sources of knowledge on our growth path.”

As a Managing Director, Sasa pursues to maintain this level of excellence and transparency as the hub grows in numbers. “We are fortifying mechanisms that reinforce the future growth of our people in a way that everyone gets an equal opportunity and level of attention. Our goal is to put quality first and develop a systematic approach to expansions by training our people to onboard new people thus creating a strong backbone of support in every aspect of development.”- he concluded.

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