#InsideSymphony - Updates from Our Community #13

#InsideSymphony - Updates from Our Community #13

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February 22nd, 2018

Welcome to yet another one of our community updates. The beginning of 2018 was pretty exciting for us so without any further ado, here are some of the highlights of the past few weeks.


We weren’t joking when we said that the start of this year has been pretty exciting for us. The Symphony hubs in Sarajevo, Belgrade and Novi Sad all welcomed many new members. Edin and Dino, who share the same surname ‘Hamzic’, joined our team in Sarajevo, although we still haven’t received the official ‘we’re cousins’ confirmation. In addition to the two of them, our Sarajevo community grew even bigger when Ahmed and Samir also recently joined us. Meanwhile, Bojan, Lehel and Morana joined our team in Novi Sad and are on a mission to crack the toughest challenges in the tech world. Lastly but certainly not least, let’s not forget about Djordje who joined our team in Belgrade as their latest backup! Welcome to everyone, but remember at Symphony you’re here to learn but also have fun: Major fun!

Symphony Meetups

In the recent months, we have been more dedicated than ever to creating and delivering high quality content to local engineering communities in Sarajevo, Belgrade and Novi Sad. Judging by the hundreds of engineers that have visited our meet-ups since September, we know that we have something valuable to offer these communities. In January, we held a great session in Belgrade dedicated to Git. During the GitUp#1 Marija Djuric and Marija Smoljanic gave a talk on the basics: how Git stores data, what are the branches and how to make your Git history nice, clean and readable. Just seven days later Sarajevo was home to yet another Symphony Meet-up. This time, Edin Hamzic, Haris Smajlovic and Asmir Avdicevic took center stage speaking about gunshot detection using applied machine learning, which has actually been used to solve a real-world case by activating body cameras to improve safety and reliability.

Community Spotlight

After keeping this under wraps for a while we’re now more than happy to share an in-house secret and that is we now have a band (yes, a real one). Our fantastic band now has seven members: Igor, Boza, Cajic, Lazarevic, Dusan, Bajic, and Djuricic. They all promised not to forget us once they become famous rock stars.

Mirza Music was a guest speaker at the ZeForge Meet-up in Zenica. Mirza shared his knowledge, tips and magic on hybrid mobile apps and his session received some pretty great feedback from the engineering community there.

We just love seeing our team members from different hubs coming together. Last week a group of people from our Belgrade hub visited our colleagues in Novi Sad. They used the opportunity to spend Friday afternoon together having fun in Novi Sad.

Some of our team members from Sarajevo are planning to visit the Belgrade hub during the month of February. One group will be there to work alongside one of our clients who will be visiting us, while the rest will tag along and take the chance to work from there and enjoy Belgrade.

In March, we in Sarajevo will once again be host to our friends from Yale University. They will spend some time in our office, but also get to know the Sarajevo nightlife. This will be the second visit by students from Yale University to Sarajevo and, like the first time, the students will visit some companies in order to hear firsthand their successful business stories.

If you’re interested in hearing more about our communities in Novi Sad, Belgrade and Sarajevo then be sure to follow us on Instagram. We only post the fun content, promise :)

Have a great day,Symphony team

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