#InsideSymphony - Updates from Our Community #2

#InsideSymphony - Updates from Our Community #2

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May 3rd, 2017

Hi everyone!

Long time no see. Since our last check in a lot of things have happened here at Symphony.


For starters, we have three new team members: Martina, Nermin and Sergei.

Martina is a cool girl who just recently joined our Sarajevo office. We call her Marty. What she likes most about her job is having the opportunity to work with great people, facing new challenges each day and creating cool apps. Nermin also joined our Sarajevo office, his nickname is Kico. When it comes to choosing between flying cars, moon cities or robot housekeepers Kico chooses flying cars. Sergei is a new member of our Belgrade office. He just spent his best vacation to date on the Greek island of Rhodes together with his friends. Sergei chooses moon cities, although he questions the quality of Skype calls there. Once again, welcome to Symphony! We are happy to have you in our team and we cannot wait to create great things together.

Team Members On The Move

Okay, we are kind of used to visiting San Francisco and even some parts of Europe to meet and work with our clients, but this time we went all the way to China. Our software engineer Refik went to Shenzhen for two weeks to assist in the launch of d.light’s new device on which we worked extensively. d.light is a global leader in solar-powered solutions for people without access to reliable electricity.


You have to admit that there is some similarity between Refik and Jackie Chan.

On the other side of the world, Almina is currently in San Francisco working with the ODG team, the leading developer and manufacturer of mobile headworn computing and augmented, virtual and mixed reality technologies and products. She already calls it her second home. Marija recently joined her on her San Fran adventures. Marija is there to work with HumanDx, a worldwide effort created with and led by the global medical community to build an online system that maps the best steps to help any patient.


Marija and Almina enjoying their day off

Community updates

Have you ever heard of Endless OS? Endless OS was created after three years of research and was developed from the ground up so that it will be of use to people in emerging countries: from the way software updates to performance, both on and offline, to the way apps are installed and managed as well as the creation of the apps themselves. Sounds cool, right. Well, we have been working with them for a while now and recently set-up our own Endless computer in Belgrade.


It was definitely a fun day in Belgrade for all of us and as you can see most us were there for this epic moment.

You know how we are always talking about knowledge sharing, well last week for three days in a row Boza from our Belgrade office held a ReactJS session about dedication and extra effort.


While we are on the subject of fun things, we went kart racing in Belgrade; by the looks of it, we might even become professionals one day!


Last but certainly not the least, Nermin, Boza and Tarika are all getting married although not to each other! Congrats guys! May your married lives be filled with fun, love and joy.

Company updates

In the past couple of days, we have begun an internal initiative within our community to increase the value of our visits to San Francisco. The intensity of our travels to this city is increasing and we are really glad to have such an opportunity to expand our horizons. It gives us a new perspective on working with our clients and fills our lives with new adventures. We are now encouraging our community, in Sarajevo and Belgrade, to become more informed about tech events and to match their interests with events that will be held during their stay in San Francisco, and Symphony will gladly cover their attendance.

We are always working hard to present our culture, community and all of the amazing things that we have accomplished together over these last ten years. The most recent confirmation of the good work we have been doing was a feature article about Symphony in Inc. Magazine. You can check out the full article here.

Our favorite sentence has to be, “Symphony has taken the best of what Silicon Valley culture has to offer--innovation, teamwork, diversity, empowerment-- and applied it in a context that has been defined more by economic struggle and social mistrust.”

This has been a mutual effort and something that our whole community has worked hard to achieve.

Talk to you soon, Symphony

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