#InsideSymphony - Updates from Our Community #4

#InsideSymphony - Updates from Our Community #4

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July 5th, 2017

Hi, good to talk to you again!

We haven’t posted anything for more than two weeks, but we hope that you will forgive us as we have been busy doing a lot of great and new things. Let’s start with the regular updates from our side.


Our Belgrade office has become a new home to four awesome and smart people. Vidak, Nemanja, and Marko joined our engineering teams, while Matija joined our marketing team as a marketing and PR intern. Vidak had the ambition to create a flying car when he was a child and has not lost any of his yearning to learn new things, meet new people and solve exciting challenges. Nemanja just had the best vacation of his life with his friends in Montenegro. The thing he likes most about his job is the challenge. Marko, who you can also call Mare, indulges his love of solving architectural problems each day. Matija literally adores his job and cannot wait to start working on great things with us.

Important Dates

The month of June brings six Symphony anniversaries to our hubs. Maja, Tarik and Ivan are celebrating their first year anniversary, while Davor and Emina celebrate their second. Meanwhile, Mirza celebrates a big six years at Symphony.

Important Community Updates

Haris, Almina, Nadir and Stefan all competed in and successfully completed a half-triathlon held in Kotor in the month of May. Almina, Nadir and Stefan competed as a team, while Haris crossed the finish line as an individual competitor. Let’s all just say wow!


A part of our Sarajevo community went to Vienna to attend the big We Are Developers conference. Refik, Mirza, Zarko, Kenan, Amer, Armin and Martina all enjoyed the great sessions and the magnificent city of Vienna. It just feels so great to have people in your team who are constantly searching for new knowledge!

Alexa, who is working in San Francisco, came to Sarajevo and Belgrade to meet all of our European community members. She was in Sarajevo during Ramadan and so, of course, she had iftar and then went hiking on Bjelasnica Mountain during the weekend. In Belgrade, she attended a morning CrossFit workout organized by Srdjan and went out for dinner with the local team. She promised to get back here soon and so don’t let the guys here down Alexa. 


Almina, a software engineer at our Sarajevo hub, joined the panel ‘Sta je vas izgovor?’ (What is your excuse?). She speaks about her desire to do sports whilst continuing her fight against diabetes, which she has had since she was sixteen. She is a great colleague but an even greater friend and an inspiration to us all.

Our Sarajevo community spent one Sunday in May kart racing; the ‘objective’ opinion on their performance that day was that “they have potential!” :)



We recently attended ITKonekt, the biggest IT conference in Serbia, where we had the opportunity to meet talented people and to talk a bit more about our services and products. Our software engineer Srdjan was part of the panel as one of the participants. Great job guys!


Ena, Berina and Dalila from our Sarajevo hub attended and represented Symphony at the local students’ job fair. They also spent a whole day talking to talented students offering them advice and sharing some of their Symphony stories and experiences with them.

Company News

We are growing! Symphony is opening four new offices in Sofia, Thessaloniki (Solun), Novi Sad and Skopje! Our CEO and co-founder Haris Memic stated, “The decision to expand our presence into these four cities is a logical step in our business growth strategy … We strongly believe that talented people in this region do not receive the attention they deserve. They are not challenged, which means that their potential remains underutilized. Our main goal is to challenge these people and to help them evolve and succeed in their own development.”

Check out the full article here and don’t forget to see our latest job openings in Sarajevo, Belgrade and Novi Sad here.

Talk to you soon!

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