#InsideSymphony - Updates from Our Community #9

#InsideSymphony - Updates from Our Community #9

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August 15th, 2017

Hello everyone, long time no see!

We hope everything is going well on your side and that you are enjoying the month of August. We hope that you will have an amazing time if you are planning your summer vacation for this month. We have some really cool things to share with you before you go, so let’s start!


We proudly welcomed three new community members to Symphony during the past two weeks.

Bojan Imamovic recently joined our team as the COO. His favorite TV show when growing up was Bolji Zivot, which is one of the most famous TV shows produced in Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Last week, Marko Pavlovic joined our great team of engineers in Belgrade. Marko’s best vacation ever was a trip to Russia. In his job, he most likes creating, building and writing fast beautiful code.

Last but not least, let’s all give a warm welcome to Atila who is the first official employee of our Novi Sad office. Atila will be working as an Operations Manager in Novi Sad. What he loves most about his job is the whole creative and artistic process of creating software solutions. Although he has moved towards the business side of things in the past few years, where building companies is a new playground for him, he still enjoys poking his nose into solution architecture stuff.

Welcome Bojan, Marko and Atila, we know we are going to do great things together!


Each month brings new celebrations to our offices. This time we are going to celebrate Kristina, Anis, Lejla and Aleksandar who are all celebrating their first Symphony anniversary. Cheers and here’s to many more amazing moments and happy memories!

Symphony on the Road

Stevan is still in San Francisco working with the ODG team on some new and interesting improvements (we cannot wait to share them with you). Marija and Bozidar will also be travelling to San Francisco soon to meet-up and work with our client there. Uros is also packing his suitcases and flying over to San Francisco to team up with the Human Dx team.

Some of us were going to and others leaving San Francisco. Muamer, our co-founder, who works full-time in San Francisco, spent the past three weeks working at our Sarajevo office. Meanwhile, Haris and Bojan from our Sarajevo office together with Atila from the Novi Sad office met in Belgrade with Ivan to work on upcoming projects and plans.

Client Updates

Cabin is an interesting experiment. It is an attempt to compete with the airlines by promising a better night’s sleep. Flying between the two cities may take less than an hour and a half but getting to the airport, shuffling through the security queue, waiting at the gate, picking up your bag upon arrival and getting from the airport to your actual destination can nearly quadruple the total travel time. This means that a flight can eat up most of the day. If you want to travel at night then you only have about an hour to sleep between several hours of hassle and tedium. Cabin is betting that rather than go through that rigmarole some passengers will instead choose the overnight bus. This is because on the bus you simply crawl into your sleeping pod, stacked like bunk beds but ensconced behind curtains and soundproof walls, and wake up eight hours later at your destination. The drivers intentionally go slowly and take back roads so that the trip, normally six hours, lasts eight hours. Sounds good, it is!

Highfive recently discovered SpotBot, which is a video conferencing news ChatBot. SpotBot makes life easier by searching the web for the most interesting content and packaging it into 5 preview cards that it sends to its clients every Sunday afternoon. Highfive has also been announced as a finalist for the 2017 SaaS Awards within the category Best SaaS Product for Small Businesses!

Community Stories

Alex, who is a Stanford intern completing his internship at Symphony, is wrapping up his second week at Symphony Sarajevo. He spends most of his time working closely with our teams but also finds time to explore the City of Sarajevo, which he already calls his home away from home.

The Sarajevo team went rafting on the River Una this past weekend and had an amazing time. We didn’t actually manage to go rafting, because it was raining so hard, but the trip was well worth it nevertheless.

Our Belgrade team is also planning a trip. They will be visiting Uvac, which is a special nature reserve in Serbia. The Uvac Special Nature Reserve is known for the successful project on the preservation of the griffon vulture.

As a side note, we have launched a community initiative intended to create an official Symphony mascot. You can check out all the details on the contest, entry requirements and prizes here. If you are interested, we encourage you to apply and who knows maybe your proposal will end up being the chosen one. Good luck!

That’s all folks so enjoy your day!

Talk to you soon Symphony team

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