Introducing our new, vibrant brand identity and new website

Introducing our new, vibrant brand identity and new website

Symphony Logo
April 13th, 2021

Since its founding in 2007, Symphony stayed on the path of tremendous growth. We went from a couple of employees to a community of 350 of us, and as we’ve matured, our presence has increased globally. And so has our impact. Today, we engage some of the world's most influential companies in deliberate, empathetic partnerships. Through people-powered technology, we deliver the most ambitious and impactful end-to-end digital projects and we continue working with our clients as one team. After months of research and design development, we decided to update our brand elements to embody our vision better, showcase our culture, reflect our growth, and more accurately convey the mature Symphony we’ve grown into. 

Brand New Website

Our new website showcases the company's personality, values we live by, and our approach to business, and does a better job at communicating our core:

  • Who we are
  • Benefits we bring to our clients
  • A showcase of our projects
  • Our services and experience

New Colors

In addition to the new website, we upgraded our color palette and design elements. We kept the core element of the Symphony DNA - our recognizable purple color - as the basis of our identity. This time, however, we used a lighter color palette to match Symphony’s dynamic, vibrant nature.



New values

Our values grew and changed with us. They create a solid ground for building the workforce of the future that brings the best global talent together.

  • We take pride in working together as collaboration is in our DNA. 
  • We deliver our best work through dedication, drive, and thoughtfulness.
  • We are lifelong learners. Our growth mindset means that we are always looking for ways to be better. 
  • We track things like happiness and motivation so we can adapt. 
  • Honing a craft, cracking complex problems, and making an impact require energy and perspective. 
  • We balance professionalism with a healthy dose of humor and fun.

Even though our brand is going through major changes, people-powered technology remains the cornerstone of our identity. Behind the new look, we are still the same company and team, genuinely dedicated to building the workforce of the future and enabling the best global talent to come together to deliver work that matters.  

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