Introducing Our New Vision and Mission

Introducing Our New Vision and Mission

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February 20th, 2022

Since the founding of Symphony, we have exponentially grown and implemented ways to better understand the market, our people, and our clients. In this process, our Vision and Mission have changed, but the general sentiment remains the same: to align the impact we strive to make with the means to achieve it. As a reflection of our growth, our vision and mission have transformed to better fit our current aspirations and hopes for the future.

As we evolve and align with the current market demands, our focus is not only on numbers but also on investing in multidimensional growth on the individual and community level. Uniting the endless possibilities of human intelligence with the latest technology allows us to seize opportunities that come our way and pushes us to break new ground. This power of two combines our tech-centered philosophy with a commitment to building a workforce that executes ambitious digital experiences for the world’s top organizations.

We aim to inspire people around us to join forces and go the extra mile together. We want to keep growing as a company and as people while helping our clients grow as well. Combining all of these elements together shaped our new company Vision statement: 

Unlocking the full potential of humans + technology to inspire growth for our people, our clients, and our communities.

Our Mission embodies the ways in which we plan to enforce our Vision. We aim to create value for our company, clients, and community by building, scaling, and maintaining innovative digital experiences with passion while taking full ownership of what we produce. In this way, we are streamlining our efforts into becoming a thought partner and guide, providing high-end solutions that drive meaningful value for our clients and communities. 

Our goal is to achieve a far-reaching human, business, and world impact that matters, which is reflected in our new Mission statement:

Passionately creating innovative digital experiences with meaningful value for all.

Our Vision and Mission, together with our Values, are the main catalysts that drive our aspirations, way of thinking, living, and working with each other to achieve results with tangible purpose. Our hopes for the future are to further improve the working experience of our people, strengthen the partnership we have with our clients, as well as the business value and impact we make. 

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