Introducing Zoran Manevski, New Managing Director at our Engineering Hub in Skopje

Introducing Zoran Manevski, New Managing Director at our Engineering Hub in Skopje

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November 11th, 2021

After more than twenty years of shifting to different roles, learning, and growing both in digital product development and software service delivery, Zoran Manevski opens up an exhilarating new chapter as the new Managing Director at our engineering hub in Skopje.

Since 2019, our Skopje development center has grown and doubled in size despite the challenges faced and established itself in the local market as a company with a strong tech community and a work environment that inspires the best talent to deliver world-class results. With Zoran at the helm, the Skopje community unites in creating even better career opportunities for North Macedonian talent. Joining our Skopje leadership team to develop strategies and initiatives, Zoran will work on further supporting the growth of Symphony in North Macedonia. At the same time, he is bringing a fresh perspective in the quest to innovate, plan, and create the best possible solutions while maintaining excellence in each step along the way. 

Coming Back to Skopje and Making a Difference

Zoran brings an awe-inspiring track record and valuable industry knowledge to the Skopje community. When asked about his role, Zoran explained he is - “a Senior Strategic Thinking Manager focused on design, technology, and business development. “ After many years of transforming and developing best practices for a number of world-renowned companies abroad, Zoran was introduced to Symphony and came to a turning point in his career. They say timing is everything, and he believes that seizing an opportunity at the right moment is the proper formula for success. His professional journey and Symphony’s story intersected at the perfect time, and he decided to return to Skopje and give back to the local community that shaped his professional life.

Describing the IT market in North Macedonia, Zoran metaphorically called it - “an endless sea of opportunities, or to be more precise - a standard-setter. In order to achieve measurable impact, it is crucial to thoroughly research and understand the current market conditions.”  His ambitions regarding Symphony’s growth primarily focus on extending the capabilities of Skopje’s engineering hub in the areas of business design and innovation, digital product, and portfolio management. Furthermore, he sees an opportunity to support the current range of digital consulting and product development services within the company together with his local leadership team and community members. 

Zoran shared some insightful observations after diving deeper into Symphony’s development path in Skopje - “I must say that Symphony's initial, start-up-like phase went great, and the foundations have been solidly set. The time has come to turn a new leaf - a stage that reflects the tech community’s maturity, and a setup that requires an appropriate environment to fit the outstanding results the engineering hub in Skopje continually delivers. I truly believe that my previous experiences combined with Symphony's unrelenting drive and potential will bring a unique edge to the local market.”

Zoran emphasized - By combining Iterative design models and delivery processes with Design Thinking, Lean Product Management, and Agile Methodology, we will define a blueprint that supports us and our clients in the journey of turning vision into motion.”

In his opinion, the most significant difference we can make on the market is to spread a strong culture of support, respect, and transparent communication regardless of the size of the team. Capturing that feeling of togetherness from the start-up phase can bring results in much bigger teams, if facilitated properly, and prove that our culture-fit philosophy is not just our brand but something we live by. 

Zoran leaves us with these final thoughts and sets the tone for the thrilling new path ahead of us. “Following the original unobtrusive approach, we will work together to set an example of excellence in delivery, cutting edge tech solutions, and impactful corporate social responsibility. I am incredibly excited to join forces with Skopje’s team in facilitating the growth of this community, carving a stamp on the North Macedonian market, and setting an example that other companies and industries admire and follow.”

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