New Symphony Office: We’re headed to Skopje

New Symphony Office: We’re headed to Skopje

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December 26th, 2018

On the back of consistent growth and ever increasing opportunities worldwide in the booming global market, we are thrilled to officially open our new office in Skopje. We are eager to bring our unique culture to Skopje in 2019.

Skopje is our fifth office, alongside San Francisco, Sarajevo, Belgrade and Novi Sad. This office, together with the others, will support both our local and global growth. Together with our communities, we have grown tremendously over the past two years and cannot wait to expand further here in Skopje. Igor Nikolovski, our General Manager for the Skopje office, will lead our operations in Macedonia. Igor says, “We have ambitious plans for Skopje and most importantly we’re excited to build more opportunities for talented people here. We are aware of the fact that people are looking for experiences rather than just a job. We cannot promise the experience, but we’re going to work hard to try to understand what you are inspired by and try to come close to those expectations.” 

Haris Memic, Symphony’s CEO and founder, says, “We will be focusing our efforts on strengthening and building our office in Skopje and helping to provide people with an inspiring working environment. We are really excited to see the Symphony office grow here and to challenge the local community in Macedonia and see them evolve and succeed in their own development. At this point, we’re looking forward to getting to know the Macedonian people, their culture and habits. What makes us different is that we have this amazing opportunity to learn from different cultures and to combine them all into one community and at the end leverage the strengths of each specific location. This helps us maintain a broader view of everything, because everything is global these days and our perspective should be as well. In the future, we hope to find our place in all countries around the world and incorporate these experiences into a global Symphony culture and lifestyle.”

Just recently, we celebrated our first anniversary in Novi Sad. Seeing the amazing community that we have built there in just over a year inspires us more than ever to expand our culture further across the Balkans. Our philosophy emphasizes and promotes living a healthy balanced lifestyle and we try to help people within our community come closer to their dreams. Whether this constitutes a prayer, workout, meditation, massage, coding, sport, travel, lifelong learning or something else we all have the opportunity to work on what relaxes us and helps drive us towards realizing our dreams. We respect diversity in every form because diversity is probably one of the key qualities that helps us to excel in our creativity and in triggering excellence.

We will be launching all open vacancies within our Skopje community on January 1st, so make sure you follow our social media channels for all the latest information. Happy Holidays to everyone and hope to see you soon at Symphony Skopje.

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