People of Symphony starring Milica Arsic: Symphony gives me the courage to embark on endeavors in unknown territories

People of Symphony starring Milica Arsic: Symphony gives me the courage to embark on endeavors in unknown territories

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August 1st, 2021

Meet Milica Arsic, a Service Delivery Manager from our development center in Niš. In Symphony, Milica is building successful business stories and projects with several of her teams even though she started her career with us less than four months ago. Her professional path has been marked by various projects, and Symphony has offered her a new perspective, challenges, and breadth to apply the acquired knowledge and make game-changing results alongside teams with whom she collaborates on projects for some of the world's largest enterprises and startups from Silicon Valley. We recently sat down with Milica and listened to her story on how people can benefit from previous professional experiences in an ever-changing IT environment.

The combination of entrepreneurship, marketing, and communication imbued with creativity

Milica's professional background is quite diverse - she completed her undergraduate degree in Marketing and earned a master's degree in International Project Management and Entrepreneurship. Soon after she started her professional journey in an IT company as a project manager, she later switched her role to branding and communications expert in a creative agency. At the same time, she started a startup with her teammates, and although it didn't develop the way they wanted, that was a springboard in her career. “During that project, I gained immense experience in every aspect of the business development strategy.” - Milica started her story.

“Taking all my previous experiences into account, I realize that the comprehensiveness of my previous experiences and the opportunity that Symphony offers are somehow the perfect balance within my role as a Service Delivery Manager,” Milica explained and added how basically only the form is changing, but the essence remains the same. 

March IT Up: The first knowledge-sharing session Milica hosted

When asked how her Symphony experience began, Milica said happily: “I agreed to the intro call wanting to see what my options were. In the end, I just thought that this attitude Symphony has towards the candidates is the next level of HR and that I would like to work with such people,” Milica shared her genuine experience and added, “I even received an invitation to be a speaker at one of the Symphony Meetups even though I was not officially employed yet.”

In March of this year, Symphony was on a mission to foster knowledge-sharing by bringing five unique topics presented by outstanding speakers and professionals from five Symphony development centers.

“How did that happen? Well, quite by accident, it seems to me. I came to attend a movie night in our engineering hub in Niš and got the offer to be part of the March IT Up initiative, and without any thought, I agreed to participate. Outcome? Experience is not as necessary as the courage to embark on such an endeavor in unknown territory. Within a community like Symphony, empowering each other is part of the culture.” Milica explained in detail.

During the online Meetup, Milica shared inspiring and valuable insights about working with clients and teams from Silicon Valley, speaking from her personal experience as a Service Delivery Manager and Product Owner. She also reflected on how it used to be before, what has changed, and gave us tips and tricks on how we can all benefit from this experience in an ever-changing IT environment.

In addition, Milica said she was delighted with the commitment to build a culture of knowledge sharing in the engineering hub in Niš, not only through Meetups but also the weekly Lunch&Learn sessions. These are internal gatherings held once a week in Niš during lunch with the aim to exchange experiences or challenges on projects or, simply, news and updates from the industry.

Milica’s personal experience: I believe that people who work at Symphony are an absolute match for each other

When asked about her experience within the Symphony community, Milica said “Symphony culture does not only apply to clients in the context of developing software solutions and creating products but also to every person who steps into Symphony. From the very first moment, it resonated with me how Symphony community members treat each other, their tasks, and clients. I strongly believe that the people who work at Symphony are an absolute match for each other," Milica explained.

“Speaking of the Symphony culture, the support I get from my teams gives me the strength and inspiration to keep going and constantly progress. I can't single out one particular experience. It is all a set of small moments and details that happen every day. When I get feedback from the team that they like how I work or appreciate how I give them enough space to bring as much of themselves as possible, I realize how happy I am to be where I am. Or let's say when we get together after work with the AFTRNOON beer. That sense of community and being a part of the team is what sets Symphony apart from all the other companies I have worked with before.” Milica concluded with a smile.

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