People of Symphony with Hansel Baez: Building connections and bridging gaps

People of Symphony with Hansel Baez: Building connections and bridging gaps

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May 18th, 2023

At Symphony, we boast a team of experts from diverse backgrounds working together to develop high-quality digital products. One of the notable additions to our team is Hansel Baez, a Lead Product Designer with an impressive professional background. In this blog post, we will dive into Hansel's story and how he has contributed to Symphony's success in his first five months with the company.

Hansel is a professional with a diverse marketing, digital marketing, and UX design background. He has several years of experience, starting his career with some of the largest world-renowned brands. He later transitioned into digital marketing and social media before delving into the development side of the process and learning about UX design. He eventually found his passion in designing mobile applications and websites and started working with a mentor who taught him how it all should be done from the product design perspective.

What sets Hansel apart in his marketing background, is the understanding of the project from a business perspective. He always seeks to understand his client's goals and objectives and strives to create a balance between design and functionality to achieve the desired results.

Challenges and achievements at Symphony

Hansel's journey with Symphony began on LinkedIn and he made sure to research Symphony and contact several people to hear directly about their experiences. Hansel was impressed by our teams' honesty and straightforwardness, which he considers to be the base ground for any development within a company.

Now, as part of the community and a Lead Product Designer at Symphony, his most important task is providing guidance to clients regarding the design and analysis process. He bridges the gap between user-centric design and design thinking and supports the client with development decisions. 

One of Hansel's most recent impacts can be attributed to his strategic and efficient approach to designing and developing a high-quality product under strict time constraints. Through his meticulous analysis of the project's scope, Hansel identified the need for speed without compromising quality, a challenge many designers face.

Additionally, his emphasis on simplifying interactions while maintaining high standards helped ensure the final product was user-friendly and efficient.

A product designer possessing such a skillset is indispensable to the success of any company aiming to develop and deliver high-quality products, and as a company, we prioritize the support of individuals capable of providing this value to our clients.

Diversity as the focal point of collaboration 

Hansel admits that working with people from Europe, while he is from the Dominican Republic, was a huge challenge because their cultures and approaches differ. However, he appreciated the diversity at Symphony most, which drove him forward and opened new perspectives for him. The ever-changing world of IT and digital products thrive on innovation, and diverse teams play a crucial role in achieving that. With teams consisting of individuals from different backgrounds, cultures, and experiences, new perspectives and ideas are brought to the table. This diversity of thought helps in problem-solving and results in more creative solutions. In Symphony, with diversity in the team, we can better understand the needs and perspectives of our clients, resulting in products that are more inclusive and accessible. 

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