People of Symphony starring Branislav Stojković: Engineering Is a Form of Art

People of Symphony starring Branislav Stojković: Engineering Is a Form of Art

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November 12th, 2020

Meet Branislav, or shortly - Bane, who recently joined our community in Niš. Symphony’s development center in Niš is one of our youngest hubs, and seeing its community grow with each day makes us really proud! Today, we’re talking with Bane, a mathematician with an engineering intellect and an artistic mindset which equip him with a broad perspective on the industry, business, everyday technological challenges, or simply - life.

Call it a hunch or intuition, but something felt different — it felt worthy of pursuit

Not being a job hopper, Branislav admitted he never went for an interview outside his previous company where he worked for 14 years - so, what happened and how did he decide to give us a chance? “With Symphony, things just felt different from the very beginning. One of the things I truly appreciated was the transparency in communication. Learning about a company that clearly communicates what is expected of me and what I can expect from the company felt like a breath of fresh air in Niš.” 

Bane revealed the three ultimate challenges presented by Symphony that really resonated with his own key strengths. First, of course, comes tech knowledge where Symphony’s orientation towards cutting-edge technologies requires constant skill refreshment and encourages his tech growth. The second challenge requires him to see above the “technical requirements” in the projects — this mindset came to Bane over the years of experience and prepared him for the third challenge - communication with clients, where he becomes a mediator between two worlds, the world of demand and the world of technological delivery. “Trust me, you will never survive in either of these worlds without the agility to adapt to changes, and one day, you will be the one creating those changes. This is why I decided to tear down the castle in the sand I had been building for the last 14 years and build a brand new one from scratch, implementing the past experience and exposing myself to a wider range of industries. Throughout my professional life, I had the opportunity to get in touch with non-engineering segments of IT. I learned about business analytics and logic, which truly helped me see the bigger picture that shapes the reality we constantly adapt to through engineering,” says Bane. 


Bane strongly believes that anyone can be a decent engineer, given enough time and dedication. However, kindred spirits who are not content with being just decent must go beyond the tech side of the business and invest effort in the domain knowledge and soft-skills in order to see the bigger picture behind the success stories. Stories that have one thing in their focus — people. “The value of working on your soft-skills is as important as learning technical skills. I truly believe that digital transformation is more about using and developing your talent wisely, and Symphony feels like the perfect place to do that."

Technical or non-technical, it all comes down to creativity.

Bane's talent doesn’t end with neat technical solutions; it goes above coding into the world of making music and practicing photography. “You see, everything humans create has multiple dimensions in which it exists. Music, for example, exists in time but doesn’t exist in space — you can easily say that music modules time. Photography exists in space but is timeless. So, when you think about programming, it is shaped by neither time nor space. I see programming as a fully abstract concept of different ideas, where technology is given as a tool that helps you materialize them and make them useful.” 

The only thing Bane is sure of, he says, is that he is still learning and getting ahead of the technologies and tools that help him build on the foundation of bright ideas. His recipe for thriving? Broaden your views and playful mindset with a dash of hard work.

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