People of Symphony starring Igor, Nemanja, Natalija, and Marko: Meet one of the first engineers who joined Symphony Niš earlier this year

People of Symphony starring Igor, Nemanja, Natalija, and Marko: Meet one of the first engineers who joined Symphony Niš earlier this year

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August 6th, 2020

Meet Igor, Nemanja, Natalija, and Marko from our recently opened development center in Niš. This is how they became the first engineers whose paths intersected in our Niš office. Today, you will get an opportunity to read more about their first impressions about our selection process and the first couple of months within the Symphony community.

Igor, Nemanja, and Natalija told us that their first contact with Symphony was via social media and acquaintances. Igor said, “I talked to some colleagues from college who were working in other hubs in Symphony, and after I only heard great things, I decided to do my social media groundwork.” Nemanja and Natalija confirmed that they did their part of the research as well. “There were people on Facebook talking about Symphony opening their development center in Niš, so I applied for the first-ever Symphony Niš event.” Coincidentally, all three of them had attended Symphony’s first meetup in Niš. Little did they know they would be the ones becoming one of the first members of the same community. 

A couple of minutes into the interview with four of them, we concluded that the news about the opening of our new office spread pretty fast. Nemanja shared his impressions on how visiting our event turned out to be beneficial for him. "The event offered a great opportunity to meet various people, talk to them about technical topics, and gain all the information you need from a new company in town. I was contacted immediately after the Symphony's HR manager. We shared a coffee and discussed my future aspirations in a very casual setting."

The arrival of Symphony in their hometown raised curiosity, and because of it, more than ever, a career change made sense.

We asked Marko to share his impressions about the technical interview. He jumped straight to the point: "The technical part of my interview was well organized and I could see that the company has put a lot of effort into it. For me, the best part was the opportunity to meet my interviewers later, regardless of the outcome, to discuss my challenge. I liked it because I knew I'd have a chance to talk about my skills and hear advice on areas I need to improve."

Nemanja, didn't hesitate to share his favorite moment as well: "I feel like I should say this because this moment stayed with me for a while. First, you have to know - I love researching PHP and that's my favorite language, but I didn't apply for it here at Symphony. During the interview, I briefly mentioned PHP, but my interviewer genuinely focused on it during our meeting. He even gave me an option to choose any language for my technical task, which was great. I felt like he was inquisitive about my skills and interested to really get to know me as an engineer."

Today, we can see these four talented individuals building the Symphony community in Niš. After a couple of months, Marko shares that he is most impressed with the support and knowledge-sharing from senior colleagues, "I always have a chance to try and figure out the problems myself, but if that doesn't work, they're right there to give me the support I need."

In the end, Natalija said, "I am happy to see that we share the same experience. We all had an opportunity to learn something from the first moment we got in touch with the Symphony team. Whether it was the technical interview, challenge, or an interview with the HR team, I could truly experience Symphony culture. When I officially joined Symphony, I realized I would be working with people who know much more than me and that I would have their support to grow further. I think that's the best thing here at Symphony."

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