People of Symphony Starring Momcilo Dakic: Striving Towards Excellence Means There is No End-Game in Service Delivery

People of Symphony Starring Momcilo Dakic: Striving Towards Excellence Means There is No End-Game in Service Delivery

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January 31st, 2021

We are pleased to introduce Moma, one of our Service Delivery Managers in Novi Sad! To cover the basics, he will tell us about what it means to be a part of Symphony’s Delivery Team—a team that balances between the visionaries who demand a specific product and engineers who bring that vision to life.

“I was a software engineer for seven years before realizing that building meaningful products means seeing a bigger picture of the overall project. My transition into product and project management was inspired by the need for more flexible planning and prioritizing. The whole team needs to be familiar with the end-goal of the product they are creating; without the end goal in sight, it would be a lot harder to set up a long-term structure or the system’s architecture.” Being on the engineering side of building products, Moma made it his mission to create a transparent setup where software engineers share and construct the bigger picture of the project. He believes that this is the way to build proper tech solutions. 

As soon as you assume—you screw up!

Growth and transition mean asking lots of questions. Asking and listening form a stable base of turning market requirements into technology solutions. Here, on one side, we have a client whose ideas we need to comprehend, and on the other, we have a team of engineers who bring their expertise to the table and work together to build that idea. Moma said, “You need to walk in their shoes and always make sure you are all on the same page. The team, the client, and the company should agree on one vision, and when all of us are led by the same objectives, we help each other elevate that vision to excellence.” The ultimate vision needs to be attractive to all three to be achieved. As a Service Delivery Manager, Moma wears multiple hats: he is a “man inside” for the client, a man outside representing the team and the company, and the ambassador of the management’s initiatives in front of the entire team.

Technology, Business, and Art

Moma shared, “Understanding technology and researching it gives you the right skills and tools, but also a freedom to build fantastic products. However, this is not enough; you also need to learn about how technology impacts the market. This will help you prioritize your work, bring the value, and target the return on investment the client expects while being aware of what that means for the growth of your team,” emphasizing that an open mindset is what brings value to both the team and the client.When it comes to art, Moma explained that he uses it as a playground to visualize his team’s work. The graphic board is his favorite communication tool, enabling him to attract clients’ attention to what he finds crucial while also giving them just the right amount of eye-candy.

Elevate the Product and Evolve with the Team

When we asked Moma about how Symphony’s values reflect on his role, he stated, “Working at Symphony means that you are surrounded by highly ambitious people, which brings more responsibility for all the roles encapsulated into the role of Service Delivery Manager.” Having that in mind, he added that the whole team strives to always over-deliver by bringing their expertise to the game. The entire team elevates the product’s quality by giving a new perspective to the clients, ultimately empowering Symphony to build top-notch solutions. Over-delivering doesn’t mean you have to work overtime or give 120% of effort every day, but rather striving towards bringing the higher value to the client while pushing the quality standards of your team’s delivery and elevating the skills of its members. In Moma’s words, “Symphony means striving to excellence”.

Our Momcilo shared so much about building products with exceptional teams, and our community learns from his experience regularly. Moma made it easier for all of us to follow his experiences by writing and publishing a book titled Treasure Roadmap. We encourage everyone looking to start their own business or aspire to be more successful, daring, unique, and competent in this field to give it a read.

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