Symphony Accelerates Growth by Opening New Offices in Sofia, Thessaloniki, Novi Sad and Skopje

Symphony Accelerates Growth by Opening New Offices in Sofia, Thessaloniki, Novi Sad and Skopje

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May 28th, 2017

Symphony, one of the leading providers of high-performance software solutions globally, has announced the opening of four new offices across the Balkans. The new offices in Sofia, Thessaloniki (Solun), Novi Sad and Skopje will support the company’s rapid growth and help leverage the diverse pool of high-tech talent in the region.

In addition to three existing hubs, in San Francisco, Sarajevo and Belgrade, the new offices will quadruple the office footprint as part of the company’s growth strategy.

Haris Memic, the CEO and co-founder of Symphony, stated, “The decision to expand our presence into these four cities is a logical step in our business growth strategy … We strongly believe that talented people in this region do not receive the attention they deserve. They are not challenged, which means that their potential remains underutilized. Our main goal is to challenge these people and to help them evolve and succeed in their own development. We see their potential and we want to work on it together with them. We cannot emphasize enough the fact that with the right people everything is possible. With them we have the opportunity to further expand staffing and capabilities in our software engineering and professional services as well as increase our ability to service current and future markets.”

Symphony is eager to bring its unique culture and benefits to these four cities yet at the same time maintain its vision to build the workforce/community of the future, where borders, geography and citizenship are no longer barriers to the best engineers delivering world class work that matters globally.

When it comes to benefits, Symphony has a philosophy that emphasizes offering a healthy and balanced life to its people in a small and intimate community. Within the Symphony communities, the aim is to make it possible for everyone to work on those things that matter to us and that we love and cherish. Whether this constitutes a prayer, a workout, meditation, massage, coding, sport, travel, lifelong learning or something else we will all have the opportunity to work on it. We respect diversity, and this diversity is probably one of our key qualities that helps us excel our creativity and trigger excellence.

We are continuously dedicated to improving the life of each community member: increased standard of living,continuous professional and personal development,build and increase a wholesome perspective on quality.

A competitive salary and health benefits are complimented by the added benefits of a healthy cooked lunch daily with refreshments and fruit as standard. Teams are encouraged to take advantage of the on-site gym and lounge area as well as table tennis, massage chairs, gaming areas and so on. We work continuously to make this list longer and more beneficial for our teams. What Symphony offers is not just a job but also a way of life.

About Symphony

Symphony is the first culture driven technology house dedicated to crafting the workforce of the future. The company stands shoulder to shoulder with the most creative entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley and the world. They work on the kinds of challenges that keep entrepreneurs up at night and they build the teams and spaces that get engineers up in the morning!

Symphony is building a global community - not just a company - where bright minds want to come to work and play. The company’s current technological playground includes more than 15 technologies presently popular in Silicon Valley, but this is linked to change and remains in sync with cutting-edge progress in the tech world.

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