Symphony as one of the Impact Stars in Central Europe: People-powered technology as a cornerstone of our identity

Symphony as one of the Impact Stars in Central Europe: People-powered technology as a cornerstone of our identity

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December 23rd, 2021

Since its founding in 2007, Symphony has stayed on the path of growth in multiple spheres - from people, clients, to communities. We went from a couple of employees to a community of nearly 500 talented individuals, and as we’ve matured, our presence and impact have increased globally. 

Through people-powered technology, we continue to deliver the most ambitious and impactful digital experiences and long-term value for our clients. The series of successes we have achieved are centered around the one thing that drives us forward - our community members and their expertise, which is why Symphony was recently named as one of the Impact Stars in Central Europe in 2021, as part of the 22nd Deloitte Technology Fast 50 Programme. 

Impact Stars recognition places a special focus on diversity, the environment, and dedicated CSR activities that we put great emphasis on as a company, in addition to leveraging multidimensional growth by making an impact on people, businesses, and the world. All Symphony community members live by a set of shared values ​​that define who we are and guide our actions and behavior. Inspired by that, we are on a journey of integrating ESG (environmental, social, and corporate governance) into the core of what we do every day. We strongly believe we set a great example in local communities with over 50 inspiring initiatives in all our engineering hubs during 2021. 

Continued collaboration with SOS Children's Villages in Bosnia and Herzegovina and North Macedonia, Belgrade-based foundation 'Humanist' and a city-wide charity event in Novi Sad to raise funds for the treatment of Bosko Gugleta are initiatives we see as the standard of our relationship towards others and local communities. Inspired by our continuous investment in education and training of our community members, we invest in educational organizations and host various knowledge-sharing initiatives and educational visits to our development centers as well. We also have a long-term collaboration with the Jericho Foundation to support the education of young people in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

To mark the opening of the Greenpark development center, located on the Olympic mountain Trebevic in the vicinity of Sarajevo, we planted over 450 trees to give back to the mountain that gave us a new home. In addition, we set up a continuous Office Recycling Program in our Novi Sad engineering hub.

“Seeing our various local internal and external initiatives get this valuable recognition is truly a great reminder that as a community, we are really making a difference together. This would not be possible without constant involvement and willingness to create change on multiple levels. We want to thank all our community members for constantly pushing each other and Symphony to reach new heights. ” - said Dalila Zeljkovic, Head of Communications at Symphony. 

In addition to Dalila, we reflected on valuable insight our COO, Simon Verzijl, shared recently in his article. The one thing that Simon likes to emphasize is the importance of employees and their impact on the company's growth. When the company's leadership wants to make a change in the organization, a good business plan and strong business case aren't always sufficient. Employees and their resonance are critical.

Our value system is deeply rooted in the members of the Symphony community, teamwork and cooperation that accompanies our work, and continuous improvement of business strategy. We approach growth and development from the angle of a continuous search for better opportunities, genuinely dedicated to building the workforce of the future and enabling the best global talent to come together to deliver work that matters. 

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