Symphony is opening a new engineering office in Banja Luka

Symphony is opening a new engineering office in Banja Luka

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October 19th, 2022

As a result of the continued growth and development of our company over the last few years, we have decided toĀ expand our presenceĀ inĀ Bosnia and HerzegovinaĀ by opening an engineering office in Banja Luka. This office will solidify our expansion journey in a city filled with exceptional talent, and we hope to create aĀ meeting placeĀ not only for our people but theĀ external communityĀ as well. In addition, we aim to utilize the vast market potential in Banja Luka to further build long-lasting value for our company and clients.

Our Banja Luka community currently counts over a couple dozen people and continually welcomes new additions to the team. Having an office would provide a physical space forĀ socializing,Ā working togetherĀ andĀ sharing ideas, knowledge, and experiencesĀ that spark even better results and stronger relationships. The hybrid work model is an option our employees are always free to use but we wanted to create a motivational environment for in-person interactions that we believe enforces a stronger bond, better understanding, and clearer communication among our community members.

Furthermore, by opening the office, we are directly contributing to amplifying the entireĀ local IT ecosystemĀ through numerousĀ knowledge-sharing sessions,Ā workshops, meetups,Ā and otherĀ initiativesĀ we plan to organize in the office. We aim to create a space that celebrates and represents our community, culture, and way of work in the best possible way and this is just the beginning of ourĀ new chapterĀ in Banja Luka.

The results we have achieved in the previous year would not have been possible without theĀ commitmentĀ andĀ expertiseĀ of our Banja Luka community. We want to dedicate this office to them and give kudos for their continued efforts to deepen our impact.

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