Symphony Maestro Contest: Help us create our mascot

Symphony Maestro Contest: Help us create our mascot

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July 31st, 2017

Hello, welcome to our Symphony Maestro contest! We promise it’s going to be fun!

Are you already familiar with us? Symphony is building a global community - not just a company - where bright minds want to come to work and play. And now we’re looking for a new friend, or as we like to call it a maestro, to become a companion on all our adventures.

Will our new maestro be human, a robot, an animal, a ninja, a superhero? We will leave that to your imagination but he or she must be awesome. Perhaps you can draw some inspiration from the nature of the business; a community dedicated to solving the biggest technology challenges in the world? We are a great team of people and professionals who know no limits or borders: neither when it comes to geography, neither when it’s about acquiring the knowledge, or accepting diversity, or overcoming the challenges – on both personal and professional level.

Symphony has a philosophy that emphasizes offering a healthy and balanced life to its people in a small and intime community. Within the Symphony communities, the aim is to make it possible for everyone to work on those things that matter to us and that we love and cherish. Whether this constitutes a prayer, a workout, meditation, massage, coding, gaming, sport, travel, lifelong learning or something else we will all have the opportunity to work on it. We respect diversity, and this diversity is probably one of our key qualities that help us excel our creativity and trigger excellence.

We will be using our new friend on most of our marketing and communication materials, so we need it to say “let’s have fun” and “let’s overcome an obstacle” at the same time. Our new maestro needs to represent official Symphony colors, it should fit technology and software engineering and represent lifestyle associated with it, it should be comprehensible internationally, and it has to be realistic, i.e. it must be possible to produce a costume or a mascot in person based on the drawing at a later stage.

For all additional information about the company, employees and culture visit our website and our social media channels: Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

If you are interested to enter this contest send us an email at and we will deliver all files you may need to create your work.

How to enter?

- Contest open to all ages.

- Entrant must follow the instructions and create an original artwork. Digital paintings are ideal but you may also use traditional mediums such as watercolor, acrylic, pastel and oil painting. Traditional paintings have to be scanned afterwards and submitted following the specified file formats and settings.

- The completed entry may include Sketches, Concept, Line Art, Color Render and final Hero Design but must be submitted via as a single PNG or JPG file.

The Entry:

- must be at least 2000 pixels in the shortest length, minimum of 72 dpi, and the file size no larger than 5MB. Upon request by Organizer, Entrant must provide an image of at least 4000 pixels in the shortest length, minimum of 300 dpi, as well as the initial sketch before the final rendered piece;

- must be the Entrant’s original work made for the Contest and may not use stock materials and other proprietary images or textures.

- may reference but not actually duplicate other visual materials

- (Optional) Along with your submission, you can include a brief description of about 50 words explaining your Character’s details and story, this will help us better understand your inspiration and Character’s back story.

The Work must be in keeping with the image of Symphony

may not be inappropriate, offensive, libelous or defamatory, pornographic, sexually explicit, unlawful or plagiarized, as determined by Organizer in their sole discretion;must not be harassing, abusive, threatening, harmful, vulgar, profane, obscene, excessively violent, racially, ethnically or otherwise objectionable or offensive in any way, as determined by Organizer in their sole discretion; may not violate or encourage others to violate any applicable law, statute, ordinance or regulation;may not defame or invade publicity rights or privacy of any person, living or deceased, or otherwise infringe upon any person’s personal or property rights or any other third party rights, or involve physical harm to any person or animal;may not contain verbal or visual mentions of commercial/corporate advertising, including but not limited to corporate logos, brand names, and slogans, other than as contained in the art sample provided to Entrants;may not include any viruses, worms, corrupt files, Trojan horses, or other forms of corruptive code or content that may harm or compromise the Contest Site and/or the proper conduct of the Contest;may not use any watermarks but may contain a signature by the artist provided that the signature is capable of removal at the request of Organizer if the entry is adapted for use by the Organizer as a winning entry in accordance with these Rules;


if found to be in violation of these Rules will be disqualified and therefore removed from the Contest.only online entries will be accepted. No hard copies of the entry will be accepted for judging.

ENTRIES MUST BE RECEIVED BY 11:59:59 PM CET on September 10, 2017. No illegible, incomplete, forged or altered entries will be accepted. Works will not be returned. Entrants may enter as many Works as they like however duplicate entries are not allowed

All owner rights related to the winning design will become ownership of Symphony. Other received designs will not be used for any commercial or non-commercial purposes.

Copyright Liability Clause Entrants must either own the copyright or have obtained rights for the usage of copyrighted material for the content of their submission prior to contest submission. The proof of clearance for the use of copyrighted material shall be the sole responsibility of the Entrant and does not need to be submitted with contest submission. Entrant agrees to assume full responsibility and civil and/or criminal liability for Entrant’s contest submission. He/she agrees to indemnify and hold Symphony harmless from civil and/or criminal liability or legal fees and expenses incurred as a result of their contest submission for the Symphony Mascot Contest.

Winner and prizes

Eligible and qualified entries will be open to public voting from September 13, 2017 to September 25, 2017. The Work will be graded using a point system where 80% of the points be graded by a panel of Organizer’s full-time employees, while the remaining 20% be voted on by public audiences based on Facebook “Likes” on their work. The sponsor’s panel will grade the Work on the basis of (i) Technical Skill, (ii) Originality, (iii) Composition, (iv) Overall Impact of the Work, and (v) Brief description of the entry, all in whatever degree the judges believe to be appropriate in reaching a decision.

Once the winner has been determined, Organizer will contact the winning entrant for verification purposes and to discuss prize delivery. The winner will be also announced on our website and social media profiles.

The winner will receive 250 EUR.  

For more information write us at

Talk to you soon!

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