Symphony Sarajevo is moving higher up to the Olympic mountain

Symphony Sarajevo is moving higher up to the Olympic mountain

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July 31st, 2019

Symphony continues to grow and we are excited to announce today that our Sarajevo team is moving to a new location. We’re headed to Trebevic, one of the four Olympic mountains, just nine minutes from the city center. Our new home will be situated on the 800 meters above the sea level within a new complex with a modern working space located on the main road to Trebevic, near Zlatiste, on one of the mountains with the highest oxygen concentration in the air. The new place will give people a greatly improved working environment, as well as room for continued expansion. Symphony employees and other resident companies will be able to spend more time in nature and live a healthier life while having the ability to enjoy all facilities that are not at hand in the city.

Our last office was located in a crowded neighborhood, parking spaces were an issue, and the downtown has a big problem with polluted air almost every other day during the year with summers that are too hot. We wanted to provide a healthy working environment where people can go to the gym or take a nap while at work, or take a hike through the forest that is over 120 years old while having meetings, or to just have a possibility to spend 20 minutes in nature which seems like a natural stress relief. 

The exterior of the complex will attract the most attention, but it is the interiors that should be watched more closely. All companies located within the complex will have the opportunity to create their own perfect working space and we decided to go with the concept of working in various spaces around an office rather than at a fixed workstation. Each Symphony employee has an assigned desk but he or she is not expected to be there, and they will routinely go to different places to do various tasks.

There will be different places where they can work quietly, as well as a lounge room, kitchen, movie theater, gym, indoor pool, amphitheater, and other spaces for relaxing and socializing. This fluid working environment is meant to allow for more chance encounters, which could spur new ideas and spark collaborations. We are moving towards office space that provides a more relaxed environment that can provide additional benefits to employees. 

The new space gives us multiple benefits, from clean and fresh air throughout the year to the ability to build a space filled with all the additional facilities we were missing in our last office. We will be able to enjoy winter and its perks properly and make the most of sunny days during the summer in Sarajevo. This location within the complex lets our team take advantage of all the offerings of the nearby forest with some already planned and existing outdoor facilities like cycling, horse riding. mountain and rock climbing, zipline, and, of course, cable car. We're all huge advocates for a healthy lifestyle, and we're excited that our office location now furthers that commitment.

We at Symphony are all very thrilled about the opportunities our new home will give to us. We can’t wait to experience the benefits our new place will bring and how exactly the quality of our lives will change once we officially settle in. Thanks for everyone's support through the years and with the move. We cannot wait to host you all at our new space, popularly called the “lungs of the city”. 

Interested to know more fun facts about our new location?

  • 99 types of plants
  • 26 species of birds
  • 10 mountain trails
  • 0 index air pollution
  • 13 neighborhoods in Trebevic
  • 10 public buildings
  • 4 historical towers
  • Iceland lichen: the proof of clean air

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