Symphony’s guide to Web Summit and Lisbon

Symphony’s guide to Web Summit and Lisbon

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December 10th, 2018

What was described as the biggest tech conference in the world occurred last month in Lisbon, Portugal. Over 70 000 people joined fellow engineers, managers, executives and CEOs to talk about tackling the big challenges facing industry today. Among these people, we had an opportunity to see our community members enjoying interesting talks, topics, and Lisbon, of course.

This blog wouldn't be a hit if we didn’t use this moment to mention each of our community member who took their time and flew all the way to Lisbon to learn something new! So, here we go. Special kudos to Dragan Bajic, Nenad Jovic, Damnjan Lukovic, Aleksandar Ogrizovic, Ivan Dimitrov, Almina Haskic, Mirela Hadzic, Dino Osmanovic, Mirha Zec and Armin Baljic. Also, thanks to Ada Pasic, Marko Lazarevic and Igor Petkovic who visited Lisbon earlier and helped us create this guide for you. While we know for sure they enjoyed Lisbon and the Web Summit because their social media profiles and our Slack channels were full of their pictures and stories, we used this opportunity to sit down with them and get some real insight into the Web Summit and Lisbon.

If you’re wondering what are the top three things you have to do when visiting Lisbon, read on. We have some pretty cool insider information. Number one on the list is to watch the sunset in Lisbon. Find a nice place with some great view and just enjoy it. Pro tip: Watch the sunset at the Miradouro de Santa Catarina (Adamastor). The place is crowded with travelers from all around the world and the view of the Cristo Rei and Ponte 25 de Abril is just amazing. Trust us on this one. Second thing, no matter what you do, go to Bairro Alto. The third thing you just have to do while in Lisbon is to get lost in the city - find a hidden restaurant, listen to fado and enjoy your surrounding.


Another thing that we were so curious about when it comes to Lisbon is what has left the best impression on our colleagues. Almina and Mirela talked about how they loved the colors in the city and how different cultures blended so perfectly at one place. Ada mentioned how she was impressed with the food (and yes, everybody talks about how great the food is in Lisbon), wine and people. Marko had an opportunity to live in Lisbon for a couple of months and when we asked him about his best impression of the city we got a pretty simple answer: the city! Igor shared with us how great his day at the oceanside was and without any doubt, he put that on the top of his Lisbon to-do list.

Mark these answers. In Lisbon, you just have to see: Sintra, Alfama, Cristo Rei, and Lisbon Oceanarium.


Last, but not the least, we asked our community to share with us their Web Summit highlights. They all agreed that the Summit itself exceeded all of their expectations, but some moments left them speechless. The first one was the meetup with Sendgrid, one of the fastest growing companies from the US. Their VP Paul Ford talked about their experiences with competition in the industry and how to properly tackle those issues while maintaining your market position. Mirela and Almina were amazed by how many people were there and the fact that all of them are interested in the same things. Talks from Google and AWS were also marked as some of the highlights of the Summit while meeting new people has been voted as the best thing that they have all experienced at the Web Summit 2018.


If you’re planning to visit Lisbon, we hope that our small guide will help you experience the wonderful city we did. If you’re planning to visit the Web Summit next year, you have a big “yes” from us because next year we’re planning to do a real takeover of the city. That’s how much we have enjoyed it. Meet you there?

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