Symphony’s sixth engineering hub is Remote

Symphony’s sixth engineering hub is Remote

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February 6th, 2022

Over the last years, we have grown as a company, and we have learned a lot, especially over the previous two years marked by the global pandemic. The pandemic has changed the way we interact together and work with our clients. Probably, things will never go back to the normal we know from the past. During this transition, we realized we have to figure out the future of work and remote work as a concept.

With engineering hubs in Sarajevo, Belgrade, Novi Sad, Skopje, and Niš, Symphony has finally come to the point of building its first Remote hub. We are doing this to further explore remote work in detail and benefit from the talent across the world. On this path, we are excited to further ignite our transition to solution providers and reach as many talented engineers living outside the metro areas of our first five hubs. It is all aligned with our mission of passionately creating innovative digital experiences with meaningful value for all.

Symphony plans to build a fully functional Remote engineering hub this year. Engineers from this hub will be deployed across every current and upcoming project at Symphony, working jointly with our product teams from other hubs.

Many things make the transition to remote work more effortless than it was a few years ago:

  • One is that the technological substrate of collaboration has gotten shockingly good over the last decade. 
  • Two is that we are now fully equipped to support remote engineers to achieve multidimensional growth within Symphony. 
  • Three is the fact that the famous Symphony culture will reach new heights with the addition of community members coming from all over the world.

We are looking forward to seeing where this move will take us and how our understanding and facilities of remote work will further evolve. 

We are formalizing our Remote hub.

Our new hub should be fully geared to perform independently. It should be equal to our on-site hubs. For example, we plan to run complete projects with our remote hub. It should have all aspects of our operations, like supporting roles, delivery, and engineering roles analog to the positions we have for our physical hubs.

More flexibility with a remote workforce.

We will be able to bridge some fundamental gaps, like more overlap with the Pacific time zones. We can hire delivery and product people in the regions closer to our clients, increasing our efficiency with clients.

We will be able to fill the gaps in particular skills that our current markets lack. For example, we know that data engineering is tough to hire in all our markets. The Remote hub will allow us to hire across the globe and overcome this problem. There are more skill-based examples - UI/UX Designers, Product specialists, and many more. 

We will continue to improve the experience of being remote.

We have carefully tracked the experience of our employees, including our surveys and feedback sessions. Most recently, 86% of the employees did not feel a negative impact on their connection with the company during the global pandemic that brought mandatory remote work for all.

We know that formalizing how we work with remote colleagues will also help us level up our quality towards local people working from home. We hope this can lead to some new conclusions and ways to elevate our work environment. 

More to come.

There are still some constraints on our ambitions. Employees, including engineers working at Symphony, are full-time employees, with a full benefits suite. There is the substantial organizational, legal, and financial infrastructure required to support each new jurisdiction we hire in, so we have to be measured in how quickly we expand. We intend, in the long run, to be everywhere talented engineers are. 

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