The Flexible > Fixed Core Value Paving Our Path to Growth and Embracing Change

The Flexible > Fixed Core Value Paving Our Path to Growth and Embracing Change

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April 7th, 2022

We are lifelong learners. Our growth mindset means that we are always looking for ways to be better. We track things like happiness and motivation so we can adapt. We learn from working with each other, new teams, new technology, or in new cities.

As a company, we have always cultivated flexibility while strengthening the ways in which our people can successfully adapt to major changes, thrive, and work together to overcome any challenges ahead. We asked Slavica Pepic, Community Manager at the engineering hub in Belgrade to share her thoughts and perspective on the mechanisms our people use to enforce the Flexible > Fixed Core Value in our Belgrade hub.

How We Navigate Change to Our Advantage

“The need for growth and improvement comes from our people” - Slavica started her story. “For multidimensional growth to occur, it is imperative to remain flexible in the face of change, and find advantage in shifts happening on the company, market, and global level.” Our community in Belgrade continually finds ways to enforce flexibility through many initiatives we introduce and incorporate in our daily lives.

Let’s start with the one thing that the Belgrade hub cherishes the most - knowledge-sharing. Whether internal or external, our community is always eager to learn but also share their experience with others through various channels such as the meetups, demos, training, podcasts or internal tech community sessions. We constantly find ways to be ahead, by using the latest technologies and dedicating time to learn and utilize them the best way possible to get results. On the other hand, this thirst for growth is not limited to technical knowledge only, but personal development and other skills which we cover through various talent development initiatives in our Belgrade hub.

The Flexible > Fixed Value is perfectly embodied in the full commitment to our community’s technical and personal growth while giving them the necessary support on the journey towards creating solutions for our clients.

Slavica shared an interesting correlation between the flexible and fixed concepts applied to our Belgrade community. “When building our company culture, there is a certain structure and way of working introduced that can be interpreted as fixed. However, all of the elements of our culture are subject to change and are shaped in accordance with the company and market growth which makes our core business model based on the concept of flexibility.”

When we asked Slavica to name one instance in which the Belgrade community showcased exceptional flexibility she emphasized the shift to a hybrid work model - “We dedicated a lot of time to tracking the satisfaction of our people while refining our online work mode. Our people remain our priority in any situation, and by utilizing our Flexible > Fixed Value we quickly adapted to the new model of communication and work. Through a number of online individual and group activities our community truly felt supported on all levels.” This major change fortified the strength of our HR and community team as we completely streamed our efforts into answering to the needs of our people in a remote setting.

Fostering Flexibility As We Grow

As a Community Manager, Slavica is an integral part of enforcing this value in the Belgrade hub. Her role evolved together with the understanding of the employee experience concept, always centering around the needs of the people. As she pointed out - “The community is the most flexible aspect of the company and a vessel through which all changes are implemented.”

“The core of the Flexible > Fixed Value is to embrace change and learn from it in order to grow and our Belgrade community lives and works by this premise every day.” - Slavica concluded.

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