We have a new home!

We have a new home!

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July 1st, 2018

We’re excited to officially announce that our Sarajevo hub has a new home! From now on you can find us up in the sky, or on the 16th and 17th floor of the Sarajevo City Center, to be more precise! Symphony continues to grow and as a natural step of that growth, we need more space. A change like this does not happen very often; but it did happen because we want our employees to have the greatest place ever to work at. The new place will give our people a greatly improved working environment, as well as room for continued expansion.

The exterior of our new working space attracts the most attention, but it is the interiors that should be watched more closely. The big idea championed by the software industry is the concept of working in various spaces around an office rather than at a fixed workstation. Each employee has an assigned desk but he or she is not expected to be there, and they routinely go to different places to do various tasks. There are different places where we all can work quietly, as well as a lounge room, kitchen, and other spaces for relaxing and socializing. This fluid working environment is meant to allow for more chance encounters, which could spur new ideas and spark collaborations. We are moving towards office space that provides a more relaxed environment which can provide additional benefits to all of us. We aim to keep the internal satisfaction at the highest levels and with our new space, we’re on the right track. Besides the many benefits our new home offers, the one thing that caught the most attention is our view. We are now able to see the whole city of Sarajevo at the palm of our hand and this working environment gives people the opportunity to enjoy this view whether they’re working, relaxing or socializing.

We at Symphony are all very thrilled about the opportunities our new office will give to us. We can’t wait to experience the benefits our new place will bring and how exactly the quality of our lives will change once we officially settle in. Thanks for everyone's support through the years and with the move.

We’re using this opportunity to announce our first community gathering in Sarajevo on 20th of July - we’ll post all the details very soon on our social media channels, but book the date and meet us at our new place over nice food, drinks, and casual talks.

About Symphony

Symphony wants to solve the biggest technology challenges in the world by unlocking the best talent globally. Our vision is to build the workforce of the future, where borders, geography and citizenship don't stop the best engineers globally from delivering world class work that matters. With over a century's worth of combined management experience, we’ve been focused on building thriving teams of engineers that empower global entrepreneurs to make their vision real. From San Francisco, Sarajevo, Novi Sad and Belgrade, we build cutting edge software for Silicon Valley startup teams. With a truly global mindset, a deep understanding of what it takes to deliver world-class technical excellence and a strong business acumen, we believe we can build the workforce of the future.

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