We’re bringing our unique culture to Nis

We’re bringing our unique culture to Nis

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November 10th, 2019

In 2019, we continued our growth and expansion by opening an engineering hub in Skopje and reinforcing our teams in Sarajevo, Belgrade and Novi Sad at the same time. We’re dedicated to bringing Symphony’s culture, way of work and exciting opportunities to the cities that, for various reasons, seem a great host for Symphony. We are happy to announce that we have found one more vibrant home for Symphony - Nis. 

Symphony Nis presents a big step for us and our presence in Serbia, where we have already built two successful communities in Belgrade and Novi Sad. The decision to base our next engineering hub in Nis was driven considerations of the city’s high growth potential and its vibrant engineering scene. Ivan Dragosan, who is heading our ventures to new cities added: “Our research found that Nis has an impressive growth rate. We have met some really great engineers from Nis and some of them even work with us at our current hubs. Nis has an amazingly creative and digital sector, and during our every visit to Nis we found more reasons to start our story here. There’s a real buzz about Nis right now – it’s the perfect place for us.”

Haris Memic, Symphony’s CEO and founder, says, “At this moment, we’re focusing our efforts on building our hub in Nis. We’re sure that our future colleagues from Nis have a lot to offer, not only to us, but to our clients and partners from all over the world. Ever since we founded Symphony, I had the same feeling then and now after four engineering hubs in the region - our engineers are equally good as engineers from San Francisco or London, or any other famous engineering center. One of our missions at Symphony is to provide challenging opportunities to our engineers from the region. Whether that’s a regular trip to work with our clients in the United States, Spain or Australia, the fact that you can learn from previous Amazon, Facebook or Google employees who are now successful entrepreneurs, to work on the software used by millions every day or to lead companies through their digital transformation - we know that our people can handle all of this. I’m really excited to see Symphony growing internally with people from Nis, and finally to see Symphony further building its global culture and lifestyle.”

Check out below our first open vacancies within Symphony Nis and make sure to apply or share them with your friends and family. That way you’ll be directly helping us to build the Symphony community in Nis and we couldn’t be more grateful for your support. 

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