Why are we coming to Novi Sad?

Why are we coming to Novi Sad?

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June 8th, 2017

These days, we at Symphony are all about our new adventure (see here - link). We are inspired, energized and already deeply into operations when it comes to our new home in Novi Sad.

We knew right from the beginning of our story where we did not want to go with Symphony. Although intense workforce growth is appealing and makes complete sense when your business is expanding, we never wanted to build a company or office at the expense of our concept of the Symphony culture and atmosphere. We have and continue to work hard to build and nurture our unique culture, which you've been reading about in these blogs. We love our small communities in Sarajevo and Belgrade and this is why each hiring involves a certain weighting to ensure the limits of our small and intimate Symphony community.

Haris Memic, our CEO and co-founder, recently said, “One part of Symphony's scaling-up strategy is to expand the company by scaling-up smaller communities across the region. These communities comprise up to 70 people so that we are able to maintain intimacy. We are able to handpick each member and fit him or her into our community whilst retaining intimacy.”

Once we realized that the time had come for another Symphony hub we then had to make the decision on which city would be our new home. Symphony has been present in Serbia for more than a year now and so we already had a clear insight into how talented and well educated the people are in that country. Our Belgrade hub has become a second home for so many talented engineers and so it was an easy decision: why not make Novi Sad our third hub in the region.

We had what you might call a formal meeting where we discussed our current strategic position in Serbia and summarized our experience in terms of local talent and simply said let’s do it! This doesn’t mean that we arrived at this decision lightly or that it was rushed, because behind it lay months of research and one-on-one talks with different local stakeholders. We had such a good feeling about this move but we still had to back it up with strategy and local insight.

Now we can say without reservation that we were right! It turns out that Novi Sad was the perfect place to start our new hub and the timing couldn’t have been better. We made a big promise last year saying that we were going to set the standard in Belgrade, but it has taken just one year to fulfill that promise. The local engineers are familiar with our culture and community and we already had experience with the local people, but let’s not forget the most important thing and that is that the City of Novi Sad has a culture that is very similar to that of Belgrade and Sarajevo.

When our CEO announced four new Symphony hubs he said, “We concentrate on building small communities where we are able to handpick each member and where we all know each other according to our personalities and attributes. Such communities help us to grow on a daily basis whilst nurturing intimacy, trust, respect and knowledge. This is just one of the reasons why you can succeed and grow but also feel at home at Symphony.”

Words cannot explain how excited we are about Symphony Novi Sad. As we said, we are already realizing our plans and are in the process of hiring an Operations Manager and a Human Resources Manager. Both of them are going to help us find the right people and a new place that we can call home, continuing our success story. If you were wondering, yes currently we are hiring software engineers for our Novi Sad hub. You can check out current Symphony Novi Sad job listings here.

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