Optimized eCommerce Conversion

Enriched the shopping experience for a rapidly growing online-only car dealer, boosting conversion

retail transformation

The Story

Carvana approached us to help them with optimizing and automating their entire data collection and management process – from web crawling to publishing cars. Our team developed a scalable and stable solution to pull vehicle information from different sources and an optical character recognition service to convert different types of documents such as PDF into readable HTML. Additionally, we built custom services to automatically bid in auctions and enrich data by calling external APIs, parsing description text to detect damage, or calling internally built machine learning libraries for predicting auction prices or vehicle health status.

The system processes around 370,000 entries in each cycle, so we built a custom solution to speed up the process, reducing the time required for a scraping cycle from around 3 hours down to 50 minutes.

Premium dealership experience delivered to your doorstep

Carvana delivers to its customers or offers a “fly and drive” program, which reimburses one of its vending machine locations to pick up a vehicle. Carvana even picks customers up from the airport.

Carvana provides shoppers a better way to buy a used-car

Within the first twelve months after registration, an average brand-new car loses around 24 percent of its value. Consumer tendency is shifting further and further towards used-cars.

Carvana operates as an online-only used car dealer that allows customers to shop, finance, and sell or trade-in cars through its website. It gives customers the option of having their purchased vehicles delivered to them or they can choose to pick them up at one of the company’s 18 car vending machines. Carvana is known for its car-sized vending machines, and in 2018 it was reported to be the fastest-growing used car dealer in the United States.

The Outcome

  • Daily auto sales increased by 100,000 units
  • Data collection for listing enrichment made 6x faster